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Sushiro Singapore invite you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the art of sushi and Japanese cuisine. Our cozy and welcoming restaurant is your home away from home, where you can savor the finest flavors from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Our Sushiro menu is a treasure trove of sushi delights, featuring the freshest ingredients expertly prepared by our talented chefs. From classic favourites to innovative creations, each sushi roll is a masterpiece that will tantalize your taste buds.

Sushiro Singapore stands out as a top-notch dining destination for sushi enthusiasts and Japanese cuisine lovers. With its convenient opening hours, easy-to-reach contact details, tempting promotions, and a menu featuring popular items, Sushiro offers a satisfying experience that’s hard to resist. So, whether you’re craving a delectable sushi feast or exploring Japanese flavors, Sushiro is ready to welcome you with its warm ambiance and sumptuous offerings.

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Sushiro Specialty

As for the menu, Sushiro boasts an extensive selection of sushi and other Japanese delicacies. One of the most popular items on their menu is the Sushiro Signature Sushi Platter, a delightful assortment of fresh and expertly crafted sushi rolls that showcase the restaurant’s dedication to quality and taste. Additionally, the Tempura Moriawase is a must-try for those who enjoy crispy and flavorful tempura dishes.

Sushiro Singapore outlets

Sushiro Singapore offers a range of seating options to suit different preferences. Whether you’re dining alone, on a romantic date, or with a group of friends and family, you’ll find a suitable spot at any Sushiro Outlets.

Tasty Sushi for All

Sushiro offers the best sushi in Singapore. This is more than just sushi. Give us a chance to excite your taste buds with the number-one sushi in the town. To have an extraordinary experience with sushi, visit Sushiro Now!

What People Say About Sushiro

Sushiro Isetan Scotts
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12:00 26 May 24
An average conveyor belt sushi chain restaurant catered for the masses.
Heng Yu LeeHeng Yu Lee
04:50 24 May 24
Came here for lunch, had somewhat good time. Automation made the restaurant more interesting. Staff were kind to help me. Food was wonderful, cleanliness could be improved as the cutlery was not clean. Overall, the restaurant is ok. Can improve if they added more non raw options for kids and if the table space was bigger.
dave divedave dive
02:59 24 May 24
too much rice for each sushi and the rice wasn't really tasty.
Wang ShiyiWang Shiyi
07:27 22 May 24
You have to try the big red prawn!! It's the best!!My go to for rotating belt sushi outlet!
P LamP Lam
07:20 18 May 24
The marinated Uni wrap looks totally different from the photo, and looks like someone had a stomachache and made a mess in the toilet bowl.You would think that it could look gross but taste good. The answer is that it’s not true. It looked gross and tasted bad as well.The only good thing is their seasonal triple tuna option, that is decent. Miso soup is pretty worth it, especially the one with fish or clams. Scallop sushi, the bigger one, is not too bad as well.
05:53 16 May 24
Ever since their original outlet newly opening at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Also witnessed the lions dancing together with my friend. Time flies that was just before Covid time.Also been to other outlets at Suntec; Jewel & Wisma too. However, often visit at this outlet inside Isetan. Cos the convenience of dining at there after shopping.So cute for the lunch box after checking with staff whether can take back after eating it 😍
Kyla TKyla T
18:58 14 May 24
Came here during weekday lunch time. Outlet was clean and service was fast and we got a table promptly !Their current bluefin tuna special (until 21 May24) is one to try at their branches which features 3 lean and fatty tuna cuts for $6.90.Cold chawanmushi was pleasantly refreshing, aburi engawa was melt in your mouth texture, jumbo scallops were also huge and the red tail prawn sushi is great too.Try the Mango shaved ice for a refreshing dessert, chocolate lava cake is a little floury and sticky. The parfaits look reallyyy pretty but I have yet to try
12:49 12 May 24
Sushiro is the best conveyor belt sushi in sg!
Mark CMark C
04:41 21 Mar 24
Ordered the seasonal yuzu pepper albacore, but they served a regular albacore instead. When I asked the staff about it they said that it was correct, still looked pretty different from the photo but figured it was just an advertising trick. Then a few minutes later a yuzu albacore went by on the conveyor belt and I realised they did send the wrong item as that one looked very different. Unfortunately I had already eaten the other one and the staff said they wouldn't be able to give me the correct one FOC, so I skipped it.Also some of the seasonal spring items were missing from the menu like the hokke.
14:12 19 Mar 24
Best outlet in sg. Im a huge fan of sushiro and have been to tiong bahru, bedok, wisma, and suntec outlets too. But this isetan outlet is the best. It is always clean, and the sushi rice is firm. The rice doesnt fall apart unlike the other outlets (esp wisma and suntec, their rice very jialat falls apart easily).Enjoyed my time here! And if you get the window seat, you get a view of orchard road too. My friend disliked sushiro because of the negative experience at waterway point. But at this outlet, she also said it is soooo much better and will patronise again!
18:09 17 Mar 24
Be prepared to wait for seatings. Affordable Japanese food.
10:26 15 Mar 24
Ivan LohIvan Loh
17:29 14 Mar 24
It gets really crowded, so making a reservation a few days in advance or heading over before 11:30am for lunch is advisable. We were there before 11:30am on a Sunday without a reservation, and we waited over an hour to be seated. The food is below average quality Japanese food, but the service is good, and the kids would be really entertained by the conveyor belt sushi. We are quite frequent customers of Sushiro, because my daughter has a great time there. However, if you are looking for authentic, good quality Japanese food, I wouldn't suggest Sushiro at all.
Sydney LimSydney Lim
12:00 13 Mar 24
Really great location and great sushi
Sharon TSharon T
12:57 11 Mar 24
This place is a must go if you like sushi. It is also always packed. Sat at the counter. You can order on the tablet in front of you or pick off the sushi train. If you order from the tablet, the sushi would be served to you on the conveyor belt on the top with a little bell that rings indicating that the food was there.The food here was really good. It was fresh and seasoned well with a variety of sauces. There was this “fall in love with salmon” fair and we got to try many salmon sushi variations. They were all so yummy. We also tried other dishes like the croquette and the cold chawanmushi which I really liked as well.I’ll be back for sure.
LiV3 LiFeLiV3 LiFe
15:02 07 Mar 24
Sushiro at Isetan Scotts is located at the second highest floor of the building. There was a short queue when we reached at ~12pm midweek. There is also a machine to request for a table. We did not wait long. The two-level conveyor belt was cool. The first-level's conveyor belt served most sushi dish and well-labeled before the sushi appears. The second-level's conveyor belt serves specially ordered food. Overall, cool place to dine in.
Angus KuanAngus Kuan
05:02 28 Feb 24
Jael FischerJael Fischer
12:39 26 Feb 24
Arrived here at I guess 8:20/25pm, asked whether I can order a-la-carte as I’m clearly pregnant so can’t eat raw stuff off the belt. The guy specifically said yes everything is available to order just be quick - NO mention of last order at 8:30pm. So I got onto ordering immediately and then suddenly the iPad shuts down. I call the staff who now inform me sorry it’s a few second past 8:30pm so you can no longer order, absolutely not, nothing even what I already pre-selected. What a terrible experience and waste of my time.
00:49 17 Feb 24
Very understaffed, you have to wait even though there are empty seats and the estimated waiting time isn’t accurate. Sushi takes around 5-10min to arrive as well, and the quality dropped compared to last time. Ordered the engawa and it was so pathetically small. The fried tako was served fresh and hot but too oily.
Vibhav TekchandVibhav Tekchand
05:19 12 Feb 24
Kay JKay J
14:58 06 Feb 24
Grabbed a quick bite today for lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance and efficiency of the place. The sushi was fresh, the price was reasonable and the a la cart items that I tried were all delivered quickly and were tasty. Will come here again.
Teck BoonTeck Boon
04:57 05 Feb 24
Consistent standard of food throughout all the outlets but this one feels slightly better. Gets busy during lunch and dinner hours so best make a reservation before heading down. They do have quite a bit of seating so it helps as the turnover is pretty fast.
David LimDavid Lim
14:16 03 Feb 24
Dear Sushiro. I brought my family to your Isetan outlet for dinner, to enjoy the Grab a Crab festival that was promoted by Ghib Ojisan's YouTube channel.After our initial order was submitted, we wanted to order 2 additional plates of sushi, but we were unable to place the order via the tablet. We were unable to call for service via the tablet either as it was completely hung.My wife called one of your service staff for assistance as she walked past our table. To our utmost surprise, your service staff (Hui Ling) clearly showed her displeasure and impatience to us and raised her voice at us, asking us loudly to press the yellow button on the tablet should we require service (her tone was loud and unpleasant).When we pointed out that the tablet was hung, she did not apologise for raising her ire at us. She eventually reset the tablet, but I told her it was no longer necessary as we no longer wanted to order anything else.Needless to say, we lost our appetite and decided to continue our evening elsewhere.This kind of service is not acceptable. I have never been shouted at before by the service staff in any eating establishment, let alone a restaurant, and a Japanese restaurant at that!I would rather spend my money elsewhere than to be shouted at by your staff. Do kindly please up your service.
Timothy LinTimothy Lin
09:29 03 Feb 24
Jimena GargiuloJimena Gargiulo
07:59 31 Jan 24
It's a nice experience to see your food arriving in the line and being able to grab plates.Quite a few options for those who dont love sushi such as tempura, egg rolls, eggplant, etc.Dessert was also nice 🙂
Lori ChooLori Choo
03:57 30 Jan 24
Sushiro is the best
Darren KohDarren Koh
15:19 26 Jan 24
13:16 26 Jan 24
Got seated at 8.21pm because of the queue, waiter told us that the order closes at 8.30pm. Attempted to order but could only order limited plates for 3 person because out of the 9mins we were able to order, half the time the iPad put that the kitchen was overwhelmed and couldn’t accept any new orders. This would have been fine if there were food on the conveyor belt but there wasn’t any food. Ordered chawanmushi but didn’t come. If you are going to seat people with 9mins left to order on your automated system, at least make sure there’s food available if not you might as well just reject us at the door and don’t waste my time queueing to eat nothing. Have ate sushiro countless times but this is really the worst experience.
10:19 25 Jan 24
The food is generally good, especially the chili crab sushi.However, I feel compelled to provide feedback on a few areas that detracted from an otherwise positive experience. Firstly, discovered a strand of hair within your Chawanmushi, as illustrated in the attached photo. On a positive note, your staff did remove this item from our bill on good gesture. However, encountering such issues with food hygiene is disconcerting.In addition, I noticed the presence of rice debris in the seating area, both between the seats and below the conveyor belt. The overall cleanliness and maintenance within your dining space is questionable.Furthermore, as we were concluding our meal, one of your staff members requested an item from our table. While I understand that staff interactions may vary, I was left uncertain about the training standards for your staff. She could have taken after we left the table, as we were already clearly packing to leave.I share this feedback with the intention of continuous improvement of your establishment. I trust that you will take the necessary steps to address these concerns.
Vincent TeoVincent Teo
15:52 14 Jan 24
08:49 14 Jan 24
I’m not sure what to put for the service since everything is pretty much automated, except for payment. The limited time specials are good and fresh, especially the puffer fish, there’s 2 belt serving food around the table, one is the generic ones and the higher/2nd belt is the express lane that serves your order. Preparation is fast and food is decent. Recommended
01:59 14 Jan 24
The food here is definitely value for money compared to a lot of Singaporean local Japanese restaurants.I was there at 5pm so there weren’t many people.The tuna sushi and crab special were awesome.I wish there were uni available but there seems none on the menu.There seems nothing under the lower part of the train belt so we had to order everything from the iPad. This is a little disappointing.
Koby OKoby O
07:18 13 Jan 24
James ShubertJames Shubert
00:52 08 Jan 24
Fun sushi carousel but a bit expensive.
shaiful zulizanshaiful zulizan
22:22 03 Jan 24
01:37 01 Jan 24
Favourite place for a weekend lunch. Great variety of sushi available.
Dian Anggraeni AliDian Anggraeni Ali
10:27 29 Dec 23
Yasushi IkedaYasushi Ikeda
08:39 29 Dec 23
Tan Sok EngTan Sok Eng
11:16 28 Dec 23
Nice sushi and udon soup. Free flow for drinks.
Rothes BuenaobraRothes Buenaobra
07:42 23 Dec 23
aaron sohaaron soh
01:29 19 Dec 23
Just went shaw sushiro on Sunday. Quite disappointed with the sushi rice , every one of them are not doing properly. Once you grab , all fallen apart. Just find the chefs need more training. They looks young like trainees. Will not eat again. The standard cannot even meet 50% of what I ate in japan any Sushiro outlet.
yeo suan futtyeo suan futt
14:13 14 Dec 23
Think I'll just eat sushi mainly from this chain... Interesting items, quite good pricing for the quality, which I'm very happy with.
Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber
09:13 11 Dec 23
Nice place for sushi - but very long waiting time. Need to be mentally prepared to queue for at least 1hr.
Eunice TanEunice Tan
07:15 11 Dec 23
Eric JawEric Jaw
17:49 10 Dec 23
A tiny taste of Japan conveyor belt sushi.
Jill WeitzJill Weitz
07:47 10 Dec 23
Ahmed ZulhairiAhmed Zulhairi
04:25 06 Dec 23
Loved the wide variety of dishes
Elaine TohElaine Toh
10:02 05 Dec 23
Reminds me of Kura in Japan. Good quality Japanese food that is easy on the wallet.
12:27 04 Dec 23
Sashimi was very fresh and generous. All the sushi on the conveyor belt looked very appetising. Favourite sushi was the red shrimp carpaccio
Clement TanClement Tan
12:36 03 Dec 23
There is so bad experience today.I went there about 8:00pm, the last call is 8:30pm, I know is late so I asked staff can we still get in to have my dinner?so the staff told me to wait 5min, I am fine to wait, but I wait about 10min and I double confirm with staff do we still able to get in?the staff say yes and lead us to the table, and what? The order Tablet just show everything is unavailable for order.If you dont want to serve just told us in the beginning, what you want me to wait for?I asked did the restaurant still able accept the new customers at this late. you say yes and just have to wait 5 min, and i wait 10min! after I get in, there are nothing for me to order, are you playing the Customer? are you serve your Customer like this, is this funny?
Serene ChiaSerene Chia
06:32 02 Dec 23
good value for sushi belt restaurant
Joanne LauJoanne Lau
07:20 21 Nov 23
⭐ sushi is good. I love the generous serving (usually). Sometimes you get unusual sushi in the rotation.⭐ Service is good. Attentive and mostly at the beginning and end of the meal. Other times, self service! It's a conveyor sushi place! Come during non-peak hours. Peak hours wait can be up to an hour.⭐ Value for money. Usually for two adults, with stacks of plates piled high - about $80 SGD. Free flow drinks from the drink buffet for a few dollars.⭐ Cleanliness. Japanese restaurant = clean.⭐ Will I come back? Once a week! Thank you!
Xiaozhou YANGXiaozhou YANG
04:02 19 Nov 23
Loved the freshness of the sushi and the unique taste of the sushi rice. Speed of serving is unbelievably fast. Recommend ordering from the menu rather than taking from the train.
12:48 18 Nov 23
Scallop was not fresh, tuna belly had some unchewable parts, tonkotsu ramen was rly salty and msg-y, mentai cream udon was meh.. really unimpressed.. can get better even at this price point. Omote quality is so much better.On a good note, aburi salmon, fresh prawn and toro was not bad/okay.
Olya K.Olya K.
17:53 17 Nov 23
Gavin NgGavin Ng
12:03 17 Nov 23
09:31 27 Sep 23
Nice sushi and reasonable price
shinta masuyamashinta masuyama
06:23 23 Sep 23
The rice is loose. I'm curious about the clerk's call, "Please do it."However, I think this is the most delicious sushi that you can easily eat in Singapore.Convenient reservations through the app.
PC ChitalkarPC Chitalkar
16:12 18 Sep 23
Green OgreGreen Ogre
14:27 18 Sep 23
Okay. Can't complain. Service was prompt.
Ted Charles BrownTed Charles Brown
06:25 17 Sep 23
13:32 16 Sep 23
James CkJames Ck
11:21 04 Sep 23
Always good.
05:27 03 Sep 23
We decided to have our weekend lunch here as the restaurant we planned to go to was fully booked. The restaurant was almost full but there was no waiting time for the both of us. It was just after 12pm, the crowd built quickly after that so it’s best to be there just before 12pm.We were seated at a counter. The restaurant uses the conveyer belt system where you pick the sushi that you want, and lift it off the belt. Pricing is based on the colour of the plate the sushi is on (there are posters above the conveyer belt that states the prices).You can also order other items using the touchscreen at your table. The items will be sent to you on a second inner conveyer belt.The food was all right only. Nothing fantastic. The sushi did not have a lot of flavour, and some had too much rice.The guys on duty gave really good service. The guy at the front counter/cashier was fast but pleasant. When he had to seat someone first before attending to me to settle my bill (after the lunch), he excused himself and said he would be with me as soon as he attended to the seating - most would not have bothered and just ignored me until they were ready to help with my bill.The other guy who scanned the plates for the billing was also nice. He came to our table, said hi, scanned the plates, informed us of the total bill, and explained about the payment. All said in a pleasant way when most would have sounded bored or impatient.Good experience overall because of the system and service. Food could have been better.
Daniel CheohDaniel Cheoh
10:57 02 Sep 23
Sushi on rails. Super fast service. Can settle a meal in 20 mins. The food was average as expected of a place like this. Not bad but value for money.
yusti yustiyusti yusti
03:25 31 Aug 23
13:13 29 Aug 23
Han JoungHan Joung
11:12 29 Aug 23
Chze Siang KwaChze Siang Kwa
17:23 28 Aug 23
Pete QuistPete Quist
20:52 25 Aug 23
Super fast and very delicious. It isn't fancy but for what it is, they did great.
Paoh TPaoh T
18:25 05 Jul 23
There’s a long queue during peak hour, but you can scan a QR code to queue and come back when it’s nearing your turn soon.There’s also a long stretch of chairs for you to sit and wait for your turn.Food was fresh and tasty! You can self service and have unlimited refills for cold plain water.
Abraham LeeAbraham Lee
15:18 02 May 23
One of the best options for your sushi fixes! The food was fresh and savory and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Queues are extremely long especially during peak hours but they have a somewhat good management of the queue. We waited about an hour but walked around Shaw while waiting. Will be back!
Charlene QCharlene Q
11:46 01 May 23
Great sushi as always - in terms of variety, taste, and cost. Always a joy to come in to try the seasonal offerings. Service at Scott's outlet is pretty great! Helpful, flexible and forthcoming. I'd come back again but it's usually always packed! Come/book early to avoid the mealtime rush.
08:20 18 Apr 23
Came here with an advanced reservation made 2 weeks prior. Our reservation was for 4 for 1215pm. There wasn't many people at this timing, even prefect for individual eaters. More people came at 1pm. Food selection seem to also be slightly different than the wwp outlet which was interesting. Food standard also taste equally fresh. So far, Sushiro hasn't disappoint. Keep it up ??
Ray DRay D
12:02 19 Mar 23
Place is busy each time I've gone for lunch and dinner... Everything was fresh and worth the wait. Really do suggest the big prawn sushi; super good. Speed of service and getting food off conveyor belt offsets the wait. Also good tablet based ordering system minimizes the need to talk with the staff.So good this is right by the theater. Pop in for a meal before or after the movie.
Noel InterinoNoel Interino
22:16 28 May 24
Sushi lovers try this outlet... 👌
Nicholas NicholasNicholas Nicholas
08:20 23 May 24
Han NguyenHan Nguyen
21:30 22 May 24
ok so so the same as any conveyor belt chain sushi..
Tay Poh HuaTay Poh Hua
10:35 22 May 24
Food is not only fresh, they are served relatively promptly. The staff are friendly and helpful. Spacious and clean dining environment.
Rueben Irwanto CherRueben Irwanto Cher
04:48 20 May 24
Clement TehClement Teh
02:53 20 May 24
Availability of seats was ok. The environment was very good. The sushi train was not very exciting niether were the raw tuna that seem to have the texture of rubber. If you have eaten in Singpore owned sushi restaurant it is normal for rubbery fish meat. Price paid was not cheap but good experience should be better. I do not that authentic tune melts in your mouth. For this price, going to Genki sushi would have been less disappointing. (Genki sushi is not so fantastic anyway)
Kenny YapKenny Yap
09:39 19 May 24
Probably cheapest for the quality, but doesn’t have mentaiko which is why I’ll still choose Genki. Also the salmon belly was chewy and slightly hard.May 2024: came back years later on labour day. Wanted a midday snack and came here since it was quite quiet and I thought I can chill here. I ended up chilling from 330pm to almost 6pm and they didn’t chase me out. Place was fully packed at 6pm with a queue outside. Food was great and my midday snack turned out to be 12 plates and made me $40 poorer but my belly fuller.
May OngMay Ong
05:49 19 May 24
SSing TanSSing Tan
14:34 24 Mar 24
Mark KramMark Kram
11:11 22 Mar 24
Years back had a very bad dinner here. It was during covid times. Restaurant was kinda empty so spotted a staff coughing into the cutlery or cups. Informed another staff. Nobody in the outlet seems want to take ownership. Alleged staff was damn provocative/defensive and even came up to me to argue. Mgr ban leong was unable to manage the situation yet alone the staff.
Rosanne TanRosanne Tan
04:44 19 Mar 24
Alice H.Alice H.
04:58 11 Mar 24
Goh KokboonGoh Kokboon
14:16 10 Mar 24
15:42 09 Mar 24
Recent times that i had dine here was on my salmon feast. You have to try the orange ice cream cake (if i get the name correctly). It really taste great. The taste, the temperature just perfect for me.But if you have the app, use the app to queue first because it gets real crowded during peak timings and they do have limited table seatings (the rest are counter seats)
Jeremy LJeremy L
02:31 09 Mar 24
Affordable sushi with reasonable price and portion. I just feel that their sashimi option can have more variety
10:09 04 Mar 24
Leslie LeeLeslie Lee
01:26 04 Mar 24
12:05 03 Mar 24
The food and service might be alright but it was ruined by a moth infestation. There are moths everywhere (encountered at 5 different ones) not only inside the restaurant but even in the entrance area. I would recommend going to other sushiros or chains.
phyo phyophyo phyo
16:00 29 Feb 24
Ang Cheng HongAng Cheng Hong
00:39 29 Feb 24
14:05 27 Feb 24
Roy PRoy P
10:35 26 Feb 24
Nice food
Siew Chin TanSiew Chin Tan
17:13 25 Feb 24
The sushi rice for nigiri was given smaller portion as compared to other sushi chains. Price wise still ok for those fresh unique fish offered and even offered pork sushi. Do expect long queues.
Jessie LouJessie Lou
09:46 19 Feb 24
Tis a fun date, but the sushi quality isn't the best. Everything tasted to similarly fishy instead of buttery and unique...
David DensingDavid Densing
04:32 18 Feb 24
Rachel HanRachel Han
11:28 16 Feb 24
long distancelong distance
09:36 16 Feb 24
jimmy gohjimmy goh
07:10 14 Feb 24
Samantha WongSamantha Wong
09:51 12 Feb 24
Wrong order was given to us and the sushi came on 2 separate plates when it was supposed to be only on 1 plate with a pair of tuna sushi that we ordered for.Tried to explain to the staff that this is not what we ordered but was instead told that they will just count the plates as per what it is eaten without hearing our our explanation clearly. This was not fair and dishonest for a paying customer to be charged extra.Second time the machine came out with a wrong plate which we did not order and had to inform the staff again.Itacho Sushi please check your conveyor belt system for errors.
Tiong heng LeeTiong heng Lee
06:40 11 Feb 24
jimmy chewjimmy chew
11:25 10 Feb 24
Wonderful japanese dishes. Fresh but on the high price. Good to take the exotic ones and seasonal dishes.
Esther LourdesEsther Lourdes
12:43 09 Feb 24
guanghua jiaguanghua jia
06:42 09 Feb 24
Prasanth DuraikannuPrasanth Duraikannu
23:44 04 Feb 24
Nice place
Alex LimAlex Lim
06:24 03 Feb 24
She ChanShe Chan
04:50 27 Jan 24
Our go to place for quick and affordable sushi meal. Crab season for today so tried their crab croquette. Not much whole crab with the filling and the texture is more liquid. It was okay. The seasonal toro tuna is good and must try, softer and less frozen vs the other tuna offering. Negitoro sushi is a staple. Scallop chawamushi was decent so as the rest of our orders
13:20 26 Jan 24
Ran WongRan Wong
10:17 25 Jan 24
I had such high hopes for this sushi joint, thinking I was about to embark on a sushi extravaganza. But, it turned out to be a comedy of errors instead!I walked in with expectations as high as MBS, thinking that the brand and prices would guarantee me sushi-liciousness. But alas, my dreams were swiftly crushed like a lemon under a car tire.The sashimi was lukewarm and lacked any sizzle. I wonder if the chef had provided them with a long warm massage before serving them to me. The rice was as fragile as my motivation to lose weight. It crumbled at the slightest touch, leaving me with a plate of sushi rubble.
hebi llihderhebi llihder
05:38 25 Jan 24
Kaylen KohKaylen Koh
09:46 24 Jan 24
Joanne LeeJoanne Lee
07:08 17 Jan 24
Julie WuJulie Wu
15:26 15 Jan 24
For me, Sushiro is a good choice when I late lunch. I order different kinds of food today and enjoy the meal.
14:21 14 Jan 24
Visited the place after lunch hour so the foods ordered are served quite fast. The sushi are good as always with the ingredients taste good. The raw ingredients are fresh.
teck hong wongteck hong wong
05:41 14 Jan 24
Nice food. I come here very often
16:02 09 Jan 24
It is pretty decent, conveyor belt sushi. Though, the price was abit higher than expected.
06:59 09 Jan 24
Peter HendersonPeter Henderson
16:26 05 Jan 24
Sushiro is always great! My only petty complaint is no water at the table and no free matcha powder. Also they were missing some of the good options that I ate in HK and Japan.
William LeadyWilliam Leady
01:14 01 Jan 24
Nathaniel HeahNathaniel Heah
05:25 30 Dec 23
Food is fine but absolutely lousy customer service. The man at the counter told us he had called us when we had literally taken the ticket and waited in front of the counter and actively were listening out because we saw the waiting time was short. After we asked him, he said he called us and didn't we didn't hear him. To blame a customer for your poor service and lack of organisation is absolute garbage.
Calcen ChanCalcen Chan
08:01 28 Dec 23
Good fast sushi place. Overal food is above average. Food came quick on the second conveyer track after ordering. We were able to find seats quickly because we didn't mind sitting facing the tracks instead of a table.Staff were friendly and quick!!
15:34 27 Dec 23
The food is basically passable, but some items are out of stock and the store will not take them off the shelves. The new grilled puffer fish sushi feels more raw than grilled. The seasoned jelly on the cold chawanmushi gave a large piece of hard surface. And this time The salmon is very lean and not oily
Claudio S.Claudio S.
14:40 27 Dec 23
This is my kids' favourite place to eat. I think the most exciting thing is the conveyor belt and how easy it is to order via the tablet, smart concept. Wasn't it for the kids I'd never eat here, saying that the experience is not all that bad.
04:51 25 Dec 23
Xing Zhi WuXing Zhi Wu
17:09 24 Dec 23
Eddy FooEddy Foo
07:11 17 Dec 23
Amin AmAmin Am
15:36 13 Dec 23
jiahui yeojiahui yeo
03:42 12 Dec 23
Hua ChengHua Cheng
05:49 08 Dec 23
Shay SengShay Seng
08:48 07 Dec 23
Glenda LeongGlenda Leong
01:05 04 Dec 23
steven budiantosteven budianto
12:09 03 Dec 23
Cindy SimCindy Sim
10:38 03 Dec 23
Cheryl AngelineCheryl Angeline
11:01 02 Dec 23
Lawrence NeoLawrence Neo
05:31 02 Dec 23
connoisseur, dilettante, and esthete.
03:16 02 Oct 23
Ck TanCk Tan
15:15 01 Oct 23
Handika Indra SetiawanHandika Indra Setiawan
11:54 29 Sep 23
2nd time here and affordable. Ordered 9 plates and spent around $26.xxCome before the rush hour to get the seat easily. I like their soy sauce options. Will keep coming back!
Xiu Pin See TohXiu Pin See Toh
04:18 29 Sep 23
Always love the great service & ambience here. Would been better if there is more variety of food to choose from. Nevertheless, the food has always been fresh and reasonably priced.
03:10 29 Sep 23
Food was really nice and prepared well, Cleanliness was quite decent and service was efficient and kind.
Lennard LimLennard Lim
16:27 24 Sep 23
Jeff SuiJeff Sui
09:57 24 Sep 23
Highly recommended for its quality of food.Service is not the fastest, with 3-4 staff covering all roles, from cashier, packing, clearing, ushering etc.
Chubbee_ BoiChubbee_ Boi
05:40 24 Sep 23
A well-priced conveyor belt sushi restaurant with tasty and fresh food. Would definitely recommend some of the salmon, ramen and cake desserts. During peak hour, unless you have a reservation expect to wait at least 30 mins, and when inside the restaurant if you call the staff during peak hour it can take a while because there’s a lot of other people doing the same thing. However the wait is worth it in the end
Stephanie ErStephanie Er
11:12 23 Sep 23
As far as conveyor belt sushi goes, Sushiro takes the cake
Ms WunderlastMs Wunderlast
09:13 23 Sep 23
Ching Leng Ken WongChing Leng Ken Wong
00:11 21 Sep 23
09:33 20 Sep 23
We went around 7:30pm Tuesday night , wait time was less than 3mins, the place was full but not noisy. You can grab sushi from conveyor belt or order something on the menu , and our orders came in 5mins.There are meat sushi options and all kinds of seafood sushi. Deserts and free flow drinks at $3.The sushi we got were very fresh and sushi rice was really well prepared, the prices range from $2.3-$4.9 per dish, with good portion size.Overall I’m very impressed, and will definitely go back again. Sushiro meets my expectations for affordable sushi.
Marcus TanMarcus Tan
00:34 19 Sep 23
Jungmin JoJungmin Jo
09:27 15 Sep 23
Lovely food but sometimes kids are noisy here. Parents not helping out. Beside this, everything is great.
Jefferson NeoJefferson Neo
02:36 08 Sep 23
Evyn XuEvyn Xu
11:48 05 Sep 23
Average sushi place on conveyor belt system. Wished there were more variety.
14:15 28 Aug 23
Very good restaurant!Immersion in Japan is guaranteedThe staff is attentive, very pleasantNo waiting to go to the restaurantPrice level, four different ranges (minimum $2.3)
Yvonne DiamondYvonne Diamond
13:38 28 Aug 23
My friend bought me once at their Scotts outlet. I quite like the quality of the food. Surprise to see Tiong Bahru Plaza have it too. Just went for a quick bite.
Céleste FerrandCéleste Ferrand
16:08 21 Aug 23
Delicious, very varied choice and always a pleasure to taste sushi on this small railroad. It feels like Tokyo!
Akiyo GoAkiyo Go
03:19 21 Aug 23
Value for money. Fish is fresher than Sushiro branches in Japan.
Chao MaChao Ma
08:34 20 Aug 23
Good restaurant for family
Hock ChaiHock Chai
07:20 07 Aug 23
Tried the national day promotional items and they were great.There are cooked foods options.Raw seafood options are good for the price.Alcoholic drinks are available too!Wait staff are nice.
12:51 20 Jul 23
Service was really friendly and good. I love that it was mostly self-service as well though. Food was good and served pretty quickly. I’ll definitely return if I’m in the area and craving sushi.
Jeffrey TanggauJeffrey Tanggau
14:13 19 Jun 23
Came here with my friends, we were pretty excited that a Japanese chain had opened it's doors in Singapore.I personally was a little disappointed, we ordered the tuna belly sushi. Although they were quite generous with the portion and the price was of great value, the fish was still frozen. I felt so insulted for the fish, such a great cut of fish to be served that way.However, what sold me was the premium unagi sushi. Really good.Generally - it's an average experience for me.
h simh sim
12:15 10 May 23
Here for the salmon - better than genki & sushi express. Scallop was slightly fishy for me. Don't like their broiled items as much. Queues are long even on a Wednesday.
Sushiro Wisma Atria
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Shin NgShin Ng
13:12 25 May 24
As someone who eats a lot of sushi, this experience is hands down the worst. Sushi falls apart and sashimi frozen
xian kaikaixian kaikai
12:24 23 May 24
06:28 11 May 24
Chephanie NeoChephanie Neo
10:25 09 May 24
Salmon sushi are nice as usual although appearance of the spicy kaisen gunkan appears less appealing compared to other outlets. The limited time uni sushi looked and tasted disappointing .
08:35 26 Apr 24
Li Ze ChaiLi Ze Chai
10:33 23 Apr 24
Sushi here is always good, especially for the inexpensive prices. They usually run promos for new dishes every few weeks, which is great for repeat customers who want to try something new.Classic, staple sushi dishes are consistent and well done too.
Athena TAthena T
13:54 22 Apr 24
My favorite place for sushi always. Affordable and good quality. Love it
brandon chiabrandon chia
09:26 26 Mar 24
Decent priced sushi and side items. Convenient location and worth a try during off peak hours
Ember ShenEmber Shen
06:30 21 Mar 24
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the remarkable experiences I’ve had at your Wisma Atria outlet.My sister and I have made Sushiro our preferred dining destination, especially since the culinary options near our home in Choa Chu Kang often leave much to be desired. Our journey with Sushiro has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with laughter, bonding moments, and, of course, delicious sushi.We embarked on our quest for the coveted panda with ikura toy (initially unaware that it required 12 stamps) in May 2023. Despite encountering setbacks, like misplacing our loyalty card in November 2023 (we found it later this year), we persisted with unwavering determination. Over the course of four months, we ate 15 meals at Sushiro, totaling nearly $700 in spending.However, as we neared the finish line, eagerly anticipating the prize we had worked so diligently for, we were met with disappointment upon learning that it was out of stock. So i came back a few days later but was told that group B changed to another type! I even tried visiting other outlets (causeway point) to check and getting my friends who live near other outlets (eg bedok) to help me ask.At my wit’s end, I reached out to you on Instagram. Your team’s professionalism and kindness shone through as they went above and beyond to guide us and provide clarity on the situation. Your responsiveness and commitment to ensuring my satisfaction truly exceeded my expectations.Sushiro, you hold a special place in my heart, not just for your delicious sushi but for the memories created and the exceptional service experienced time and time again. You’ve earned a loyal fan in me—one who will continue to champion your brand and spread the word of your excellence.Thank you, Sushiro, for being more than just a restaurant. You are a source of joy, comfort, and culinary delight, and I am forever grateful for the role you’ve played in my life.With deepest appreciation and warm regardsEmber & Amy
04:23 17 Mar 24
Kevin ChinKevin Chin
12:01 14 Mar 24
Price was reasonable, Zoey also helped me to find a braces ( try not to forget your own stuff like me) 😭 , overall good experience 😁
Shuyue YanShuyue Yan
17:29 12 Mar 24
Toro was the best! Miso soup and ramen were also delicious (*≧ω≦)The taste is delicious, but the options may be a bit limited.
Darina E (Dari)Darina E (Dari)
11:12 11 Mar 24
Genki better
09:45 27 Feb 24
I went there on Sunday, it was around 2 p.m. We waited only 10 minutes. The sushi is really good as usual, nothing to say. The prices are really fair, the quality is there and the service is super fast.
Black RavenBlack Raven
10:32 25 Feb 24
Sushi is freshly made when you order from the order pad, and it’s delivered to your table via the express conveyer belt. This outlet is very popular having a long queue during dining hours!
George TanGeorge Tan
04:34 24 Feb 24
Ordered salmon mountain, but came as salmon ball. Ate it anyway, and when checking out, staff only confirmed with me the coloured plates. After payment, I realised I was overcharged 6.90, which was the salmon mountain I never had. Food was decent though.
Teresa DyTeresa Dy
10:37 23 Feb 24
04:18 21 Feb 24
Food are nice and heaps of option to choose from. We get the table right away which are great. The orders came quickly and also you can choose on the conveyor belt with pre made nigiri etc.
Rennie LeeRennie Lee
14:34 17 Feb 24
Easy to order via the tablet. Food arrives quickly on the express Carousell on top. Food is not bad too, average pricing. Would have liked if the ordering system is able to show the price of my orders via in app.
Naya NurindraNaya Nurindra
14:51 12 Feb 24
Good and fresh sushi. Many kinds of sushi to choose from the menu, and most of it very good. Price is quiet cheap for the quality they offered.
04:08 11 Feb 24
Epi EpiEpi Epi
02:14 04 Feb 24
What’sup with the thin slice of salmon Sashimi . The salmon even got weird chewy testure that is not even good to consume.Please fix this the only reason my kids going to sushiro is for the sashimiThe food quality its been drop since their first branch open at shaw lido.Atmosphere is just to crowded especially on the weekend lunch time forget about itThe order screen keep freeze and couple time missing orders.
Zhi Qiang KhiewZhi Qiang Khiew
12:53 03 Feb 24
Very long wait on a sat evening to get sitting, about 45 mins. However, the food is not worth the long wait. The fish was not so fresh, and the sushi rice keeps disintegrating when held with chopsticks. Price is not so cheap either, with the basic plates starting at 2.30++
Yuliana AliYuliana Ali
03:02 31 Jan 24
Darren WeeDarren Wee
00:11 31 Jan 24
Love eating on my own
14:54 29 Jan 24
The sushi tastes so fresh. Thick cut and the best part is the fatty tuna 👍👍
Jac OngJac Ong
02:12 27 Jan 24
13:13 21 Jan 24
Bad service and inflexible policy on takeaway food . I ordered the online menu as the staff is very slow even after request for request . I ordered few sushi so I can buy for my family members but to my surprise the manager told me to cannot take away and they suggest either I eat all or throw away so I had bad experienced dining here ..
Thomas TanThomas Tan
14:43 19 Jan 24
A Great Experience. Big round abt plateConveyor belt. Very efficient and effective way of serving.The staffs are helpful and always ready to help. Pricing are reasonable with a taste of freshness in all the seaFood dishes that we ordered.Very efficient payment systems.Boleh carry on Makan.
Winnie PhuaWinnie Phua
12:23 19 Jan 24
My little boy and me had our first experience at sushiro in wisma and we were both impress by the efficient service and food quality. We went at around 2 plus on a thur. There weren't many people around.
Vincent TeoVincent Teo
15:52 14 Jan 24
15:47 14 Jan 24
Disappointing Experience at Sushiro, WismaMy recent visit to Sushiro at Wisma left me with mixed feelings, overshadowed by a rather unpleasant encounter with the male staff. While the food was decent, the overall experience was marred by the rude behavior of one particular staff member and the uncleanliness of the seating area.Upon entering the restaurant, we were excited to redeem the cute cardholders with the exchanged stamps we had collected. Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived as we were met with a rather unwelcoming attitude from a male service crew member. When we mistakenly referred to the stamps as "points," he responded with unnecessary rudeness, saying, "What? What points? Oh, you mean the stamps?" The tone and attitude were quite uncalled for, leaving us wondering why such ill treatment was directed towards us.Furthermore, the cleanliness of the seats was disappointing. The seats assigned to us were visibly dirty, forcing us to take matters into our own hands. We had to use wet tissues and napkins to clean the seats ourselves. This lack of attention to hygiene was unexpected, especially considering the current emphasis on sanitation and cleanliness in dining establishments.While the food itself was satisfactory, the overall experience was tainted by the unpleasant encounter with the staff and the need to clean our seating area. Customer service plays a crucial role in the success of any restaurant, and unfortunately, Sushiro at Wisma fell short on this occasion. I hope the management takes note of these issues and takes steps to improve the overall customer experience.
12:32 05 Jan 24
Soft serve 😳
Evelyn LeeEvelyn Lee
14:25 04 Jan 24
Food taste great. Not a wide range of varieties available. Time limit of 60mins during peak hours. However, they will not chase u off if there are no customers waiting for empty seats. Orders are submitted via the tablet on the table. Items are delivered via the top conveyor belt. You can also take the sushi from the bottom conveyor belt. For payment, you'll need to press check out on the tablet and the staff will print a order summary for you by scanning the plates at your table. Payment is made via the self service kiosk.
JoAnne PeaceMindJoAnne PeaceMind
12:14 04 Jan 24
It’s nice to go their counter kiosk to get table seating and proceed to self seating. After meal complete, digital call to get staff attend to counter total food items then get the paper to counter to make payment. Quick easy. The food quality is quite premium and so I do find it quite expensive for some items. My kid loves it but I find the food selection not as many as Sushi Express. Also there is a feedback form to fill up and always can get $1 rebate. Nice! Service is always good. Thank you.
Callum ParsonsCallum Parsons
13:09 02 Jan 24
Great food but always a long line to get in. A better ticketing system is needed as other resteraunts (haidilao) will text you when your table is ready.
Rachel AlisonRachel Alison
13:59 29 Dec 23
Surprised that it got pretty crowded for a Friday afternoon! The food is good and the staff are friendly as usual but it would be better if the menu had more variety.
23:39 26 Dec 23
came here on christmas day, there was 11 of us and honestly we made a bit of a fuss because our tables were split apart (which was fine) but we were so far from each other. we went at a 4pm to avoid the crowd and it was absolutely empty. thankfully we got our tables in the end, just needed to wait for the tables to be cleared which we could’ve done.food was really good! we absolutely devoured. great for kids also. it was so good that i forgot to take a photo of the food, only the aftermath.i recommend trying the tokoyaki!overall was a pleasant experience, would definitely come back again in a smaller group.
Jolene ChuaJolene Chua
05:25 26 Dec 23
Jowe ChuJowe Chu
03:18 23 Dec 23
Came at 11am, queue was forming bit mostly tourist. The winter menu is awesome, fugu, monk fish, tara shiraka!
Michele PressleyMichele Pressley
11:45 22 Dec 23
My sister took me out to Sushiro, Wisma Atria, for sushi and sashimi tonight. It was a pretty fun place to eat. Food was fresh and healthy, the best was the premium salmon belly which we ordered twice!
08:58 22 Dec 23
Food was okay. Somehow their rice was very loose - every piece broke apart when I lifted it up.
T SinghT Singh
06:46 17 Dec 23
Efficient, well operated conveyor belt chain. Love the bespoke delivery for ordered product. One gap is that it isn't possible to order without rice (I offered to pay full price but didn't want to waste food so tried to have the rice removed).
Leanne LiewLeanne Liew
02:20 14 Dec 23
Alex GohAlex Goh
08:14 09 Dec 23
Yuan TianYuan Tian
15:41 06 Dec 23
Been here so many times and kids love it very much. Good price with fresh food.
05:32 05 Dec 23
New outlet at wisma that was jam-packed on a Saturday night. Good to make a reservation beforehand to avoid the long queue. Food quality is the usual as compared to other Sushiro outlets. Special shoutout to Steven - really friendly and helpful staff! Even gave recommendations on which gift to redeem! Overall a pleasant experience at this outlet thanks to Steven 🙂
Declan TanDeclan Tan
05:44 03 Dec 23
I love their food, they use conveyor belts to sever your food
Leong MingJunLeong MingJun
06:32 02 Dec 23
Oscar-Foon NgOscar-Foon Ng
09:29 27 Nov 23
There was no queue as I went at off peak hour. Food and service as usual Sushiro standard, no surprise nor disappointment.
Juju WangJuju Wang
16:33 25 Nov 23
Good foods, nice table with a good view. Like the Chawanmunshi (have cold and hot version), dessert so so only, but overall everything is fine.
Seokling WongSeokling Wong
16:30 21 Nov 23
No bad sweet prawn so delicious
Charlotte NgCharlotte Ng
02:52 17 Nov 23
Huge dining space, food was served fast too 🙂
Jessica LeeJessica Lee
21:31 14 Nov 23
I was here for dinner with my friend and our kids and had a nice time. Food preparation is fast and their sushi is very fresh.We tried lotsa items on their limited Autumn menu and really enjoyed the variety.I would have liked it even better if they have a hot water tap to refill our green teas at the table. Nonetheless, it was still a great experience so I am definitely coming back again.
10:05 14 Nov 23
Thiago VieiraThiago Vieira
16:15 12 Nov 23
Mal T.CMal T.C
14:29 21 Sep 23
Huge dining area compared to other branches. Always patronize this branch. Self automatic seat number. I felt that the standard is not always the same, take for example the eggplant sushi, once the minced meat has a lot, the other time just a little. But nonetheless, the taste of the food is always good!
serwei leeserwei lee
13:26 17 Sep 23
Lol be careful, something's still wrong with the app. It said zero queue but ended up the place was almost full and there were ppl in a queue.But much less crowded than the Isetan one.
Wee Guan YeoWee Guan Yeo
09:59 17 Sep 23
The sushi is worth of every penny. The sashimi is fresh and quality is good. The cooked food also good and is a place to go when want to have good but reasonable price sushi.
Nad RNad R
16:38 16 Sep 23
Service is HORRENDOUS. Staff didn't bother with any pleasantries. The staff at the front wasn't consistent in managing and calling out Q numbers. Before us, she was calling out Q numbers and hauling everyone to the queue on the right. But when it came to our number, she didn't even CALL our number out. When we came forward to say our number was out, she asked us to check in again and to wait again?????? .. When we were just there and she didn't ask us to come forward??? We thought we were the dumb ones but apparently another couple who was at the FRONT of HER queue said she didn't call out their number too, she didn't bother to apologize and asked them to check in again. Then she ushered the people behind them to go in first. What the..? 15mins to closing time, another staff came by and asked to collect the ginger container while we were in the middle of using it??? And they switched off the lights on people who were still dining in! Such rudeness. Didn't expect this in Orchard. Totally ruined my first impression of the chain.
12:03 13 Sep 23
Very good. Food was much better than genki sushi and the options were much more as well
Yue Chuan LimYue Chuan Lim
10:14 12 Sep 23
Xin Hui OngXin Hui Ong
04:12 08 Sep 23
Really glad that they opened an outlet in Wisma! Now I don't have to walk over to Shaw anymore hahaha yayI have to say though, that the cuts here at this outlet feels thinner than elsewhere! And the Albacore Tuna that I love tasted kind of different from what I remembered, maybe I'll return and try again 🙂
Ferdian GunawanFerdian Gunawan
15:39 07 Sep 23
First time trying this branch, Sushiro never fails. Everything was served very timely, quality is consistent. The only one lacking on this visit was the overly fried takoyaki, otherwise everything was great!