Sushiro Suntec City: Your Sushi Experience in the Heart of Singapore

Welcome to Sushiro Suntec City, where sushi dreams become reality in the heart of Singapore’s beloved Suntec City Mall. Our restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

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Discover Sushiro Suntec City

At Sushiro Suntec City, we’re dedicated to crafting unforgettable dining experiences:

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Our expert sushi chefs pour their hearts into each dish, using only the freshest, top-quality ingredients to ensure every bite is a masterpiece.

2. Culinary Diversity: Our menu boasts a wide array of traditional and modern sushi delights to cater to all tastes, from classic Nigiri to creative sushi rolls.

3. Contemporary Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the stylish and welcoming ambience of Suntec City Mall. Our restaurant provides a chic backdrop for everything from intimate dinners to casual outings with friends and family.

4. Impeccable Service: Our friendly staff is committed to making your dining experience exceptional, providing personalized service that ensures your satisfaction.

5. Prime Location: Situated in the heart of Singapore’s bustling city, Sushiro Suntec City is easily accessible, making it the perfect choice for a quick lunch break, a leisurely dinner, or a weekend shopping spree.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Can’t dine in? No worries. Enjoy the Sushiro experience from the comfort of your own space with our convenient online ordering and delivery services.

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Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday 11 am–10 pm
Wednesday 11 am–10 pm
Thursday 11 am–10 pm
Friday 11 am–10 pm
Saturday 11 am–10 pm

Sushiro Suntec City
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Lionel LionelLionel Lionel
06:20 27 May 24
M lowM low
15:01 25 May 24
Only too crowded in queue
14:11 24 May 24
Roy PangRoy Pang
02:47 23 May 24
Came on 21 May 2024 dinner time. Had a 45minutes wait but upon seating the food arrives fast . Order a few sushi and sashimi , and final dish was Tonkotsu Ramen. As the broth was thick , I only realised upon finishing that there was a cockroach in the soup . Told the waitress and they took back the soup to inspect . Confirmed it’s a cockroach and waived off the Ramen. Service of staff is good, efficient and fast but main issue will be the cleanliness of this outlet as I frequent Wisma outlet and has no issue.
Mr. LuckyMr. Lucky
08:41 22 May 24
This is a great option for a quick sushi dinner after a long day of shopping at Suntec City Mall. It comes with a sushi belt or ala carte experience.
Reshma ThapaReshma Thapa
19:29 15 May 24
Maria TongMaria Tong
14:08 14 May 24
04:20 13 May 24
Frank SchürhoffFrank Schürhoff
12:37 09 May 24
Delicious, typical Japanese Kaiten Sushi, i.e. from the conveyor belt. You can either take a plate from the conveyor belt or order the variant you want and it will then be placed on a separate conveyor belt. I had to wait about 30 minutes for a seat on Monday evening. Very good value for money, not just for Singapore standards!
Jolene ChuaJolene Chua
06:14 08 May 24
Andrea EffenbergAndrea Effenberg
08:23 19 Mar 24
Lots going on, lots to eat, lots of people, lots of luxury shops and lots of cold (air conditioning)
15:16 15 Mar 24
Honestly can't see why people is queueing for this... food is okay, service is okay. Nothing to complain but nothing exception to talk about.
QQ KewQQ Kew
06:51 11 Mar 24
It's have always been a favourite but think it will be my last time. Personally, even if the covid phrase is over, and when your chopsticks are nt individually packed, I think your staffs should wear disposable glove while handing them. Even the toothpicks are grabbed by bare hands and held on palm while placing.
Super AbaSuper Aba
05:36 08 Mar 24
It is a wow! Super fresh! A must! One of the best I ever had.
17:29 04 Mar 24
Dined here twice. Outlet is new and clean. Service is as per usual across sushiro outlets. Food also consistent. The only thing is their salmon sashimi is lousy - had 3 plates and all were tough parts and miserable looking.Mar 2024 update: Special avocado items but the avocado pieces are SO MISERABLE. Like non existent. Also, I noticed their rice is always falling apart.
Swee Kee ChewSwee Kee Chew
14:24 04 Mar 24
Pretty much the same as the one at Shaw's Centre.
Pyia PhyoPyia Phyo
06:27 04 Mar 24
phyo phyophyo phyo
16:01 29 Feb 24
Zhuang BaohongZhuang Baohong
01:33 23 Feb 24
Food is okay.
Topaz PunggolTopaz Punggol
05:09 21 Feb 24
Your food exhaust system yesterday (Tues, 20/Feb/24) was not working during dinner time. Clothes smelled horrible after dinner. Even before entering the restaurant, you can smell the strong fried food smell. Kindly check.
07:07 20 Feb 24
06:45 16 Feb 24
The food is good, I like the food. However, the chopsticks provided were of noticeably poor quality, riddled with wood splinters that made them more of a hazard than a utensil. This was not just a minor inconvenience but a significant detractor from the overall dining experience. No one comes to a restaurant expecting to navigate through wood splinters to enjoy their meal.
Athena BughaoAthena Bughao
09:15 11 Feb 24
Great Japanese selection from Ramen to sushi and options for kids too
alamgir hossen sarmialamgir hossen sarmi
23:13 09 Feb 24
Ying ZhaoYing Zhao
22:31 05 Feb 24
10:43 29 Jan 24
No fuss sushi chain. Quality is decent but cost can accumulate to quite a bit if you order a lot. Hence, do not treat this as a viable regular option for the budget conscious. Also, queue time can quite long during peak hours due to the popularity.
13:11 26 Jan 24
Great variety of sushi. Queues are crazy during peak hours so beware! I’d rather be back another day.
Giraldi NatakoesoemahGiraldi Natakoesoemah
09:28 26 Jan 24
Weiqi LiWeiqi Li
10:08 23 Jan 24
Genevieve TanGenevieve Tan
02:12 22 Jan 24
Love the food here! always here for lunch whenever I have a Jap food craving. Ordering is also a breeze with the ipad on your table!
13:19 21 Jan 24
Christopher KangChristopher Kang
09:10 16 Jan 24
Luca VismaraLuca Vismara
05:27 14 Jan 24
The quality is decent for this kind of restaurant, the price is right too. Excellent variety.It’s very annoying that you have no idea how long you’ll have to wait. If you think your number is coming in X minutes, triple that.
Andreas Nur JahjaAndreas Nur Jahja
03:12 13 Jan 24
For any sushi lover, this is one of the places to go in Singapore. This outlet was surprisingly less crowded than other Sushiro outlets in Singapore.
Amanda LeowAmanda Leow
13:45 09 Jan 24
Kee Sheng WongKee Sheng Wong
23:33 08 Jan 24
23:20 07 Jan 24
Almost the same as Japan. Unfortunately, there is a charge for tea! Is the shrimp tempura a little smaller?However, the taste was just as delicious as in Japan.I went there because I was hungry after shopping.
Yu TingYu Ting
10:45 07 Jan 24
Do not order the uni. It’s disgusting.Food quality is mehh. Rice also falls apart. Not sure what’s the hype.
Kevin TanKevin Tan
03:27 04 Jan 24
My usual place for family japanese fix
Oz AksugurOz Aksugur
13:07 03 Jan 24
Too expensive for what it is in Singapore…
Chenfeng TanChenfeng Tan
15:24 02 Jan 24
mayann clementemayann clemente
11:54 01 Jan 24
03:23 31 Dec 23
Good place to enjoy fastfood sushi
Zoe ChiaZoe Chia
10:01 26 Dec 23
The food was amazing! Best in sg!!
Cynthia FooCynthia Foo
10:35 25 Dec 23
Lori ChooLori Choo
11:28 24 Dec 23
Sushiro is the best
Anthony MorganAnthony Morgan
09:07 24 Dec 23
Great food and affordable price. Only concern is dining time limit of 60 mins but understand restaurant is very crowded (visited during Friday evening)
Fion LeeFion Lee
15:55 21 Dec 23
Fresh sushi and great service! Will make a reservation next time
Jeffrey TangJeffrey Tang
08:04 20 Dec 23
For this kind of pricing I won’t want to complain much, just only feel that the rice is too loose and the food they are preparing is too slipshod, giving me the impression that the staff here don’t really care
jere chongjere chong
11:22 19 Dec 23
The space between strangers is a little too close.. I know it's about maximizing profit but maybe I'm just not used to having someone else's plate put right in front of me cuz both of us run out of space to put our plates.
Zi Qin GingZi Qin Ging
08:05 19 Dec 23
Shrimp is not fresh at all, causing my allergy to reacted so badly ! but i still pay for it because i understand i have a allergy to shrimp that is not fresh but i choose to trust the food quality here but i am proven wrong .Poor execution of the food, sushi rice falls apart, udon overcooked.For the price, i won't recommend this place.
Kian Meng LeeKian Meng Lee
15:43 18 Dec 23
Went on a Sunday around 1.30pm. Thankfully, didn't wait too long for the table. Easy to use the tablet to order and food arrived very fast. Note that during peak hours, there is a limit of 60mins for dining.Food was fresh and wide variety to choose from. Will visit again.
09:42 17 Dec 23
Long waiting good food
Peter SoonPeter Soon
08:56 11 Dec 23
My always go to place place for affordable sushi. But today the menu is lacking if not will be a 5star rating
brendon angbrendon ang
18:36 10 Dec 23
14:53 10 Dec 23
It is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with good quality. Choose a menu and ride your personal rail!
05:56 10 Dec 23
Timothy NguiTimothy Ngui
17:14 09 Dec 23
Sushiro used to be the "new" kid on the block. When they made landfall in Singapore, they were the chain to go to for the FRESHEST seafood, including promotions on seasonal fish and produce from Japan. Their portions were generous and fresh. Sadly, this is no longer the case as their portions have shrunk and quality of seafood is slightly above average. This seems to be the same case for food served in its other outlets that i have patronised as well. They're still a good go-to for a quick bite, but no longer something to shout about any longer. Kudos to keeping the grated wasabi in tiny packets, compared to other competitors, who have gone down the slippery slope of using dried powdered horseradish/wasabi powder mixture, mixed it with water, and packaged it in similar looking sachets-Gross.
Gav LeongGav Leong
07:44 27 Nov 23
Food is good overall, same as other branches. Love how sushiro always has seasonal offerings to keep the menu fresh. However first time ordering a highball from them, the entire mug was filled with ice and the drink was finished in a few swigs. That was disappointing..
Daryl LimDaryl Lim
15:39 26 Nov 23
Sam LokeSam Loke
04:23 25 Nov 23
Chua Siew LeaChua Siew Lea
13:27 21 Nov 23
Ser KiatSer Kiat
14:04 18 Nov 23
Bernard TanBernard Tan
10:41 02 Oct 23
Wyvern LimWyvern Lim
16:37 30 Sep 23
Quite expensive for the satay. Food was decent. Waited a long time for the Satay on Friday night.
Jia xjiaJia xjia
22:47 28 Sep 23
One of the better sushi in sg
Coco happyprincessCoco happyprincess
09:47 28 Sep 23
when i think of sushi i think of sushiro.. the service to notchfood is good & fresh at a cosy comfy atmospherethank you, crews of sushirofor making my dinning Always a pleasant one ⭐️?
Frankie SahinFrankie Sahin
06:19 27 Sep 23
10:35 23 Sep 23
Cheong Yew NgCheong Yew Ng
11:04 20 Sep 23
An average fast sushi chain, designed for speed and efficiency in preparing ordered dishes and sending them to custimers via the train system.The only sashimi option was salmon, which was fresh but mediocre.The seasonal unique dishes were much better, such as the fatty tuna sushi. Natto gunkan was pretty good. The Nagasaki milk sorbet was creamy and delicious.They have plenty of sushi and noodle options too.Dining time is limited to 1 hour.Good place for a quick and casual lunch.
Rosanna SoesiloRosanna Soesilo
04:02 19 Sep 23
Food is really fresh here and the place is very clean. This outlet is of our favourite sushiro outlets so far.
07:55 18 Sep 23
Overall food is good but limited choices. Service was good and fast too
03:37 18 Sep 23
Leonard ChangLeonard Chang
13:08 15 Sep 23
Lukas LimCheeHaoLukas LimCheeHao
18:49 14 Sep 23
Food ordering is self-service style through the tablet. Food orders are pushed out through the conveyer belt in a very efficient manner.
Jo Anne YangJo Anne Yang
09:46 14 Sep 23
23:33 13 Sep 23
Food in general - Above averageService - GreatWill return again for a meal
Lee Ling Wong (Elynn)Lee Ling Wong (Elynn)
10:10 13 Sep 23
Hamza KhalidHamza Khalid
16:48 07 Sep 23
Fresh sushi. Fantastic experience.
June OngJune Ong
08:02 05 Sep 23
This location and the isetan branch are my go to spots when i have a craving for raw fish & more! Be prepared for long waiting times in the evenings and especially the weekends!
Marcus WilliamsMarcus Williams
09:12 04 Sep 23
Firstly it was an early dinner before 5pm (hungry children), it was very quiet at the time of dining.Even though this place is a sushi train restaurant because of the time of dining we used a la carte instead of the sushi train.Within minutes of ordering (on a tablet) our dish was delivered, there is a limit 4 plates per order, in order not to overwhelm the chefs.The quality of the food was great.For us the price was very reasonable, however if you like speciality dishes or consume large amounts of food the price can amount to become pricy.
Ai cheen GohAi cheen Goh
03:28 04 Sep 23
Long wait but nice and cheap sushi
Min Bae SongMin Bae Song
13:41 03 Sep 23
Vinson KohVinson Koh
09:54 03 Sep 23
Has been visiting this outlet regularly, at least twice a month for the past year and its the best Sushiro outlet in my opinion.Food quality is very consistent, staff are friendly and efficient. However the wait time can get quite long during the peak timings, so do reserve in advance. Love to come here often as they always roll out seasonal items every other month to keep the menu fresh and interesting.
Scrooge McDuckScrooge McDuck
10:16 03 Aug 23
Nice place. Food served very fast. Everything is fresh as it is made to order, not like those rotatory sushi shops where the food is made hours ago. Price is very reasonable. Located just at the entrance of Suntec shopping mall. Also have nice takeaway sets.
Kevin TanKevin Tan
07:14 21 Jun 23
Sushiro has always delivered decent quality food at reasonable prices! It’s definitely my favourite chain for this level of pricing. Tried a variety of sushi today. Haven’t been back in a while now. Most of the sushi was good. Really enjoyed the Uni and crab ones, and especially loved the dry noodles and clam soup! Will definitely be back for reasonably priced Japanese food! Oishii Desu!
Ivan LohIvan Loh
10:03 28 May 23
Brought my daughter here for lunch, and she had a great time! The food is average, and the selection is quite limited. There was only one sashimi platter option, which was a seasonal menu item, but the service and overall efficiency made up for the experience. The restaurant is kid friendly. They provided us with a booster seat and kids utensils. The menu also had quite a lot of cooked items that my daughter could enjoy. Watching the sushi pass us on the conveyer belt kept her entertained as well. Our bill for two adults and a toddler worked out to slightly over $80.
kevin tohkevin toh
13:31 27 May 23
The atmosphere is rated five stars for it's bright, clean and spacious layout. Service by the staff is good and prompt. Patient staff directing and attending at the shortest time. Food arrive very fast when ordered on the conveyor. Sushi is average though with the cuts quite thin. Four stars for a first time visit. Food quality can be improved.

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Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or new to Japanese cuisine, Sushiro Suntec City invites you to savour the artistry, freshness, and innovation that define our culinary excellence. Come visit us today and let your taste buds experience the magic of sushi right here in the heart of Suntec City Mall.