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Sushiro Singapore is a popular courier belt restaurant chain offering fresh sushi rolls, sashimi nigiri, and other Japanese food. With 9 outlets, it is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. The restaurant also offers a variety of side dishes and desserts.

Sushiro Menu 2023

Here you have the updated menu of Sushiro Singapore in the following categories:

  • Sushiro Takeaway Menu
  • Sides Menu Sushiro
  • Shushiro Sushi
  • Sushiro Updated Menu

Sushiro Takeaway Menu

Salmon Sushi Platters

Dishes Price (Portion 1)Price (Portion 2)Price (Portion 3)Price (Portion 4)
Broiled Salmon Belly S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Premium Salmon Gunkan S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon Belly S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon Roe S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon with Basil Cheese S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon with Cheese S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon with Soy Sauce S$10.6S$21.20S$31.80S$42.40
Salmon Sushi Platters

Recommended Mix

Dishes Price (Portion 1)Price (Portion 2)Price (Portion 3)Price (Portion 4)
Broiled Salmon Belly S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Eel S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Fried Shrimp and Avocado Roll S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Salmon S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Salmon Belly S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Scallop S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Swordfish S$9.8S$19.60S$29.40S$39.20
Recommended Mix

Sushiro Deluxe Platter

Dishes Price (Portion 1)Price (Portion 2)Price (Portion 3)Price (Portion 4)
Big Red Shrimp S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Broiled Fatty Salmon Belly S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Fatty Tuna S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Prawn S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Premium Grilled Eel S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Premium Salmon Belly S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Salmon Roe S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Tuna with Green Onion S$21.1S$42.20S$66.30S$88.40
Sushiro Value Platter

Sushiro Value Platter

Dishes Price (Portion 1)Price (Portion 2)Price (Portion 3)Price (Portion 4)
Broiled Salmon Belly S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Grilled Eel S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Japanese Egg Omelet S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Salmon Belly S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Salmon Roe S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Shrimp S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Squid S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Steamed Scallop S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Tuna S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Tuna with Green Onion S$13.1S$26.20S$39.30S$52.40
Sushiro Value Platter

Kids Platter

Dishes Price (Portion 1)Price (Portion 2)Price (Portion 3)Price (Portion 4)
Cucumber Roll S$6.9S$13.80S$20.70S$27.60
Japanese Egg Omelet S$6.9S$13.80S$20.70S$27.60
Salmon S$6.9S$13.80S$20.70S$27.60
Salmon Belly S$6.9S$13.80S$20.70S$27.60
Shrimp S$6.9S$13.80S$20.70S$27.60
Kids Platter

Note: KAGOME Carrot and Grapes (S$3.3)

Sides Menu Sushiro

Fried Dishes

DishesPrice (S$)
Chicken KarageS$5.00
French FriesS$3.50
Fried OctopusS$5.00
Salmon WingsS$3.50
Sweet Potato TempuraS$2.80
Fried Dishes

Soup And Noodles

DishesPrice (S$)
Beef UdonS$6.30
Miso Soup With CalmS$2.80
Miso Soup With FishS$2.80
Miso Soup With SeaweedS$2.80
Shoyu Ramen With EggsS$8.60
Shrimp Tempura UdonS$6.30
Tonkotus Ramen With EggS$8.60
Soup And Noodles

Small Dishes

DishesPrice (S$)
Chawanmushi With ScallopS$3.50
Clod ScallopS$3.50
Salmon SashimiS$5.00
Kaisen Potato Salad (Made-In-House)S$3.50
Small Dishes

Note: Free flow drinks bar S$3.00per pax (order on the tablet)


DishesPrice (S$)
Daiginjo White Peach SakeS$30.00
Draft beerS$10.50
KAGOME Carrot and GrapesS$3.30
Sake Dassai 45(300ml )S$45.00
Sake TanigawadakeS$35.00
Sparkling SakeS$30.00
Whisky &SodaS$9.00
Yuzu JuiceS$2.50
Sushiro Drinks


DishesPrice (S$)
Chocolate Lava CakeS$4.30
Hokkaido Mille CrepeS$4.30
Macaron ParfaitS$6.50
Mango Shaved IceS$6.50
Matcha ParfaitS$6.50
Mille Crepe MelbaS$5.00
Rich Chocolate CakeS$3.50
Soft Serve With Mango SauceS$4.00
Soft Serve With Strawberry SauceS$4.00
Desserts at Sushiro Singapore

Sushiro Sushi

DishesPrice (S$)
Albacore TunaS$2.90
Ark ShellS$2.30
Beef Mear BallS$2.90
Big Red ShrimpS$2.30
Bleufin Fatty TunaS$4.90
Broiled Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$2.90
Broiled Fatty Salmon BellyS$2.30
Broiled Salmon BellyS$2.30
Broiled Soy Bleufin, Fatty TunaS$4.90
Chicken Mear BallS$2.90
Cod Roe With MayoS$2.30
Cora Mayo SaladS$2.30
Crab Stick SaladS$2.30
Crab Stick TempuraS$2.30
Cucumber RollS$2.30
Dongpo PorkS$2.30
Dragon Roll (Eel )S$4.90
Energy Boost Inari (Contains Eggs And Beef)S$2.30
Engawa (Fin )S$2.30
Fatty Mackerel OshisushiS$2.90
Fatty Salmon With IkaraS$3.90
Flying Fish Roe GunkanS$2.30
Fried Shrimp &Avocado RollS$2.30
Galbi BeefS$2.90
Grilled EelS$2.90
Grilled MackerelS$2.30
Japanese Egg OmeletteS$2.30
Jumbo ScallopS$3.90
Less Fatty SwordfishS$2.30
Mapo EggplantS$2.30
Marinated Sesame Red SnapperS$4.90
Marinated Young TailS$3.90
Premium Grilled Conged EelS$3.90
Premium Roast BeefS$3.90
Premium Salmon GunkanS$2.30
Red Shrimp CarpaccioS$2.30
Red SnapperS$4.90
Roasted Park GunkanS$2.30
Roasted Pork With Green OnionS$2.90
Salmon Avocado RollS$4.90
Salmon BellyS$2.30
Salmon Belly With RadishS$2.30
Salmon RoeS$3.90
Salmon With Basil CheeseS$2.90
Salmon With CheeseS$2.90
Salmon With Mentia CheeseS$2.90
Salmon With OnionS$2.30
Salmon With Soy SauceS$2.30
Shiodare Pork BellyS$2.90
Shrimp TempuraS$2.90
Shrimp With AvocadoS$2.30
Shrimp With Basil CheeseS$2.90
Shrimp With CheeseS$2.90
Shrimp With Mentia CheeseS$2.90
Spicy KaisenS$2.30
Squid CarpaccioS$2.30
Squid Okar SeaweedS$2.30
Steamed ScallopS$2.90
Steamed Scallop With Lemon BasilS$2.90
Surf ClamS$2.30
Surf Clam Salad Seafood MayoS$2.30
Surf Clam With Lemon BasilS$2.30
Sweet ShrimpS$2.30
Sweet Shrimp GunkanS$2.30
Tako Wasahi GunkanS$2.30
Think Cut Fresh SalmonS$2.90
Torched Cod Roe With Green CheeseS$2.30
Torched Soy Sauce EngawaS$2.30
Torched Soy Sauce Jumbo ScallopS$3.90
Tuna (Less Fatty )S$3.90
Tuna &Green Onion RollS$2.30
Tuna Mayo SaladS$2.30
Tuna RollS$2.30
Tuna With Green OnionS$2.30
Tuna With Soy SauceS$2.30
Tuna YakkeS$2.90
Vinegared MackerelS$2.30
White TorigaiS$2.30
Whole Spear SquidS$2.30
Young YellowtailS$3.90
Sushiro Sushi in Singapore

Sushiro Updated Menu

DishesPrice (S$)
Hokkaido Broiled SardineS$4.90
Hokkaido Kobujime OctopusS$2.90
Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream MelbaS$5.00
Hokkaido Sakuramasu SalmonS$3.90
Hokkaido Vinegared Fatty HerringS$3.90
Hurricane PotatoS$3.50
Jack MackerelS$2.30
Jack MackerelS$6.90
Jack MackerelS$6.90
January Petit Special (Winter Yellowtail Tasting Selection )S$11.90
January Special Selection16.9
Kibinago Herring TempuraS$2.50
Kids TrioS$2.30
Longtooth GrouperS$6.90
March Special PetiteS$14.80
March Special SelectionS$18.80
Marinated Sesame SabaS$2.90
Marinated Sesame Winter MulletS$2.30
Marinated Uni WrapS$3.90
Marinated Winter Yellowtail In Yuzu Soy SauceS$3.90
Mentaiko Takana WrapS$2.30
Minced Jack Mackerel WrapS$2.30
Mint Chocolate Ice CakeS$3.50
Mint Chocolate Ice CakeS$2.30
Mongo Cuttlefish Taste And CompareS$2.30
Monkfish LiverS$2.30
Mozzarella Cheese TempuraS$3.50
Nutty Banana Ice CaleS$4.30
Orange And Yoghurt Ice SakeS$3.50
Petit OshisushiS$6.00
Premium Salmon And Beni IkuraS$4.90
Premium Sweet ShrimpS$6.90
Prime Southern Bluefin Tuna ToroS$6.90
Sagoshi Mackerel TatakiS$2.90
Sagoshi Mackerel TatakiS$2.90
Salmon Belly With RadishS$3.90
Salmon MountainS$6.90
Shiba Shrimp Tempura WrapS$2.30
Shichimi Seasoned Albacore TunaS$2.30
Soft Shell CrabS$4.90
Soft Shell CrabS$4.90
Southern Bluefin Nakaochi WrapS$3.90
Squid MixS$6.90
Squid Tentacle TempuraS$2.30
Steamed Jumbo ScallopS$2.90
Steamed Jumbo Scallop With Lemon BasilS$2.90
Surf Clam Basil MayoS$2.30
Sushiro Tataki Bluefin Fatty TunaS$2.90
Takana Wrapped Fatty Tuna RollS$9.90
Tara ShirakoS$3.90
Tender Conger EelS$3.90
The Ultimate Broiled ToroS$12.90
The Ultimate ToroS$12.90
Thick Albacore TunaS$2.30
Thick Cut Albacore TunaS$2.90
Thick Cut Fatty YellowtailS$3.90
Thick Fatty YellowtailS$3.90
Thick Yellowfin TunaS$2.30
Toro TowerS$3.90
Toro TowerS$8.90
Toro TowerS$3.90
Triple SalmonS$2.90
Triple SalmonS$2.90
Tuna BallS$2.30
Uni -Kani -Ikura TrioS$6.90
Uni Dry RamenS$9.50
Vinegared Fatty MackerelS$2.90
Vinegared Fatty MackerelS$2.90
Vinegared Fatty Mackerel (From Japan )S$2.90
White Bait Mix NoodleS$8.50
Wild Bluefin Negitoro WrapS$2.90
Wild Southern Bluefin Fatty TunaS$4.90
Winter Yellowtail In Teriyaki SauceS$3.90
Winter Yellowtail Platter (5Pics )S$10.90
Winter Yellowtail With Monkfish LiverS$4.90
Yamaya Mental Cream TsukemenS$7.50
Yuzu Papper Shrimp TempuraS$5.00
Yuzu Pepper Shrimp TempuraS$5.50
Yuzu Pepper Shrimp TempuraS$5.00
Sushiro Updated Menu

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Final Thought:

We hope you enjoy our extensive Sushiro Singapore menu! Our menu is easy to navigate and offers various sushi rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and other Japanese dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. We also have a variety of side dishes and desserts to choose from. So come on and experience the delicious and unique conveyor belt sushi experience Sushiro Singapore offers.

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