Sushiro Causeway Point: Sushi Haven in the North

Welcome to Sushiro’s Causeway Point outlet, where the flavors of Japan meet the vibrant heart of the North. Located in the bustling Causeway Point shopping mall, our outlet invites you to savor the artistry of sushi in a dynamic setting.

Sushiro Causeway Point outlet

Why Choose Sushiro Causeway Point?

Northern Charm: Embrace the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Sushiro Causeway Point, making it the perfect destination for a relaxed meal with friends and family.

Impeccable Sushi Craftsmanship: Our talented chefs are dedicated to delivering sushi perfection. Each dish showcases their passion for quality and innovation.

Signature Rolls: Explore our menu to discover exclusive rolls that are a tribute to the North. The Causeway Point Roll is a local favourite, offering a delightful fusion of flavours.

Kid-Friendly Fare: We’re family-friendly! Our menu ensures that even the youngest sushi enthusiasts have a delightful dining experience.

Convenient Accessibility: Located near Woodlands MRT station, Sushiro Causeway Point is easily accessible for both residents and visitors from neighbouring areas.

Retail & Dining: Combine your shopping spree with a sushi feast. Causeway Point’s retail offerings make it a prime destination for a day of shopping and dining.

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Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday 11 am–10 pm
Wednesday 11 am–10 pm
Thursday 11 am–10 pm
Friday 11 am–10 pm
Saturday 11 am–10 pm

Sushiro Causeway Point
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Seokling WongSeokling Wong
10:47 22 May 24
SUSHIRO Singapore I super like your uni it’s so delicious but uni ramen out of store is so disappointed hope it’s will be available all outlets SUSHIRO
03:03 09 May 24
They charged us wrongly (counted as one tier up for all plates) and it was extremely difficult to get a refund from them. Had to call back to follow up multiple times - took hours of our time over multiple days to get the $10 refund of the amount they overcharged us.I liked the food here but will probably not come back. Don't eat here unless you like being made to feel like it's your fault for a problem they created.
Rennie LeeRennie Lee
00:27 06 May 24
Nice sushi place at affordable price!
Jia Chong LimJia Chong Lim
07:02 01 May 24
Waited for more than 15mins, was being skipped in queue, and was waiting literally outside.
Emily HoEmily Ho
18:10 16 Apr 24
Love the sushi! Especially the new items!
18:26 13 Apr 24
The auntie here is super nice, friendly and helpful. Their PS Cafe’s truffle series and basil sushi were all pretty good. Mapo tofu reminds me of Chinese food. I would give their fries a miss next time (it was very oily) and order salmon belly along with any of their sauced sushi. The sushi rice deconstructs easily as well. Somehow the basil with mozzarella cheese and mapo tofu sushis were quite oily as well.
Nabilla HabsyiNabilla Habsyi
17:06 06 Mar 24
Wen Jie HengWen Jie Heng
11:17 01 Mar 24
Rice have become looser easily. Need to fix its sushi skills.***Gimmicky sushi deliveries was part of the fun, though it would probably be enjoyable for your first visit.The sushi here are of poor quality- rice keep falling of the sushi - which suggest maybe these are made via machines. 13 plates of sushi for 50 bucks- not exactly cheap fare.PS- order the gold plate thick tuna instead of the black plate tuna belly. It’s cheaper yet tastier.***2 months on sushi quality have improved slightly.(rice still falls off the sushi but at a lesser rate). Or maybe it’s because we knew what to order now.Do not order:OtoroFatty tunaSquid/ ika (too rubbery)Stick to the the common tuna and salmon dishes and you will be fine.Salmon skin seems decent too.
Aason ThanAason Than
17:41 06 Feb 24
Same great quality ingredients here as other Sushiro outlets except the rice seems to keep breaking apart... could be the machine's calibration issue?Staff are polite and hardworking. No special feedback here. Caters to small request with no issue.
Glenn NgGlenn Ng
07:03 20 Jan 24
Always my fav place for sushi.
Alford YuAlford Yu
13:02 17 Jan 24
Malar RajanMalar Rajan
09:01 11 Jan 24
No fuzz system to order your sushi. Just select your items through the ipad, and it arrives to you through an Express belt to your booth, effortless. Sushi is made fresh and offers interesting selections that are not typically found in a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. I was also pleasantly surprised by their wonderful dessert menu. Eventhou i was full, i ended up ordering two different desserts. Both were equally splendid. Will be back again!
ignacy cheeignacy chee
01:53 09 Jan 24
Really love it! Sushiro has quality sushi and reasonable price!!
Ben jrBen jr
06:43 02 Jan 24
Epic but expensib
Brandon LohBrandon Loh
19:25 31 Dec 23
Chuan SimChuan Sim
08:03 29 Dec 23
Great experience since it's our first visit ever. Friendly staff who are patient and polite. The food is quite fresh and ambience is comforting too. Recommended!
Veronica SohVeronica Soh
02:27 29 Dec 23
I preferred this outlet than lot 1, lesser noise. Food and service are quite similar.
Bernard YeoBernard Yeo
06:13 26 Dec 23
Attentive service by the crew during dinner time.
05:06 22 Dec 23
Some of our raw fish/shrimp came un-defrosted
JoAnne PeaceMindJoAnne PeaceMind
07:49 21 Dec 23
Kids love this place. I find the sushi choice not as much as sushi Express and this restaurant is slightly expensive than sushi express. For freshness, still alright. This restaurant is more towards premium style.
Suan Pin FooSuan Pin Foo
05:13 21 Dec 23
Did not like the food. Quality seemed off.
octovan foooctovan foo
11:58 15 Dec 23
Horrible experience. They are simply A JOKE! Ordered the food way before the Ipad lock itself. Food never came. I asked them to check my order but nothing came. Spoke to the manager and he said there is nothing he could do as kitchen is closed. They don't even bother to tell you! I was not the only one affected. Other table as well.
Eric LooEric Loo
11:30 14 Dec 23
Use to be a very nice place to have sushi. Now the fish is slice to so thin and can feel the quality of the fish is not so fresh too.
S WunS Wun
14:34 12 Dec 23
Dec 2023: below average sushi. Will not go again but I must admit it was a good experience and the wait staff were super friendly and helpful.
11:43 08 Dec 23
it’s fine but they destroy your ears with their PA system
jrfly Gtjrfly Gt
13:43 07 Dec 23
The standard and food quality of Sushiro 🍣 has dropped.
Nicholas KhorNicholas Khor
11:51 02 Dec 23
Steven LeeSteven Lee
10:32 02 Dec 23
Staff are friendly and food is recommended. There are merchandise to redeem via stamps which can be earned per $20 visit
Pecston GallardoPecston Gallardo
07:33 28 Nov 23
Honestly... sub-standard japanese sushi, but for the price.. ok lah. Should not expect much, of course.Poor variety of choices.Interesting way of delivering order to the table. Innovative.Counting of the dishes was also done very fast.Overal... average experience.
Iceman coolmanIceman coolman
10:44 26 Nov 23
Cheap Sushi , quality and taste is not good.Sushi badly done.Food variety not much.
Bosen TehBosen Teh
11:27 21 Nov 23
An ok place to dine. Gets crowded and be prepared to wait like 30-40mins during lunch or dinner times. Online reservations would have shorter waiting time I guess.Normally I will be there like 11.45am during lunch or so and I don’t really need to wait. Or at about 5.45pm during dinner time.
13:04 09 Nov 23
Yuan YuchengYuan Yucheng
14:15 03 Nov 23
Tee Lay FenTee Lay Fen
15:25 18 Sep 23
Came here multiple times ??
Yi Lin TanYi Lin Tan
01:14 17 Sep 23
Great place for Japanese food.Nov'23 - mentai cream udon, goood.
RonBell WongRonBell Wong
12:26 15 Sep 23
Alexandria OltonAlexandria Olton
05:12 14 Sep 23
Not good quality sushi at all. Got sick after eating here
23:21 12 Sep 23
Chairs were dirty when we arrived. I think the staff just wipes everything off the table onto the chairs. (Hair and crumbs so it’s kinda gross)Chawanmushi was great. Sushi was good. Parfait was so-so. Spicy kaisen gunkan was really sweet. Not sure why. Everything tasted pretty fresh.Way too easy to overeat here.
Wie b lWie b l
13:21 22 Aug 23
First & foremost this place represents GREAT VALUE for MONEY!!! I looked at the bill 3 times and could not believe that the the total was correct: 6 dishes (5 sushis & 1 chawanmushi) and it's only S$17.82!!!!Now most people would say I have a refined pallette and picky with what's good in food, and I can describe food in detail. So, in this context, I would say the taste is GOOD! Not extraordinary, but good, and in some dishes, it's VERY GOOD.The chawanmushi is very good, they were very generous with the scallops, shrimp, fish cake and mushroom inside it. I was very surprised.The Natto is the STAR, it's smoky and tasty with a slippery testure in the mouth. Yum! BTW many restaurants do not this. Guess its an acquired taste.The nigiri with shrimp was also very good. When it first came out it was hot, you can taste the tempura, and it fragrant. This is my first time, most of the time the fried prawn came out cold.The rest is Very OK, there's nothing to complain about. It's what you would expect.They have a wide menuc of differernt type of fishes in their sushi, very impressive. For me, as a liberal vegetarian, it's skipped.The service is efficient and fast, I loved it. The food ordering is also very quick, it is zippy fast arriving at your "personal conveyor belt." I really like this concept, when you can order quietly by yourself and served without taking other people's time.I highly recommend this place for a good value for money sushi place that is clean, efficient and fast. I would say the service is a bit... cold. But I guess for many people this is preferred and not an issue. The overall experience is 5 Stars, but the food can be improved (Don't want to specify, it would be long).
11:34 25 Jul 23
Located at level 5 of Causeway point, it is a pretty big outlet with seats that can seat up to a grp size of 4. Conveyor belt sushi style as well as tablet ordering available. Recommend to get their hot/ fried dishes as they are fresh. Food came quite fast too!Lunch for 5 came up to $130++. Quite pricey as compared to other chains but nothing to complain about as seafood seems fresh too. Service is great, the waiters are friendly and happy to help. Stack up your plates according to colour to help them calculate the total cost, before they come around to send to your bill.
Jean Wei LiuJean Wei Liu
05:31 20 Jul 23
Came here to dine on my own and ordered 1 tonkotsu kaza ramen (lunch special), 1 chawamushi, and 3 $2.30 sushi. Food is good and the staff is nice.
14:43 13 Jun 23
I have not eaten Sushiro for a long time. but it was a pleasure eating it again.I was a little dissapointed with the sea urcin menu, it tasted so bad. not fresh at all.But other than that, it was really good.Love the tuna karaage. recommended it.
17:39 15 Apr 23
???? (???? ?????) : My fav out of all, melt-in-the-mouth with a buttery taste! [9/10]???? ???? ????? ????? : I liked how the spring onions cut the richness of the tender minced tuna. [8.5/10]?????? ???? ????? ?????? : Creamy with a salty umami flavour from the torched surface!! [9/10]??????? ???? ???? ????? ????? : Chashu was thin and tender, mayo lent a milky sweet flavour. [8/10]????? ???? : Meaty texture with a light sweetness. [6.5/10]???? ???? : Similar texture as the former but flesh was sweeter and softer. [7.5/10]?????? ???? ?????? : Loved the melty cheese which paired well with the juicy shrimps. [8/10]?????? ???? ??????? : Preferred the previous as I found this to have too much mayo, masking the sweetness of the shrimps. [7/10]?????? ????? ????? : Tender beef sukiyaki with vinegar rice, onions and egg tucked inside a spongy tofu beancurd, perfect combo of sweet savoury flavours. [8/10]??? ??? ?????? : Super fresh and succulent! ? [8.5/10]?????? : Fatty and fresh. [8/10]??? ????? : Tender with a gentle crunch and a light clam taste. [7/10]????? ?????? ??????? ($2.80) : Naturally sweet in crispy batter, would prefer to be cooked slightly longer for softer texture. [7/10]Follow @iloafbready Instagram for more food reviews ?