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Welcome to Sushiro Lot One, your gateway to an exceptional sushi dining experience nestled in the heartland of Singapore. Our outlet, conveniently located within Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, invites you to embark on a remarkable culinary journey that beautifully merges tradition and innovation.

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At Sushiro Lot One, we’re dedicated to providing a memorable dining adventure:

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Our skilled sushi chefs craft each dish with precision, using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a masterpiece.

2. Culinary Diversity: Our extensive menu offers a wide array of traditional and contemporary sushi delights, catering to all palates, from classic Nigiri to imaginative sushi rolls.

3. Welcoming Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting atmosphere of Lot One Shoppers’ Mall. Our outlet provides a charming setting for intimate dinners, family gatherings, or casual lunches.

4. Impeccable Service: Our friendly staff is committed to ensuring your dining experience is exceptional, with personalized attention to detail.

5. Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Choa Chu Kang, Sushiro Lot One is easily accessible, making it the perfect choice for a quick lunch, leisurely dinner, or a delightful weekend outing.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Can’t dine in? No worries. Enjoy the Sushiro experience from the comfort of your home with our convenient online ordering and delivery services.

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Sushiro Lot One
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Steven LeeSteven Lee
06:16 02 Jun 24
Nice place for family meal
Chua YongChua Yong
06:43 31 May 24
Special thank to waitress "yan hua" always greeted us with smile and passion to serve every single time when we dine here. Its the restaurant fortune to have hire such a wonderful staff. Thumbs up!
Lisa GooLisa Goo
09:55 23 May 24
Lack of food opinion, but serve very interesting. Make you feel special, quite cozy with music and aircon
Ming Hann WeeMing Hann Wee
10:49 22 May 24
It's sushi, better than Sushi Express, about the same as Genki.
hody Wai Munhody Wai Mun
13:39 21 May 24
Kevin AngKevin Ang
15:14 16 May 24
Lots of sushi options and sides. Price is reasonable.
Teresa XieTeresa Xie
13:05 14 May 24
Experiences at this outlet (Lot 1) have always been good. One of the staff, Yan Hua always provides excellent service without fail! However, there is a staff named Becky was impolite and her service was bad. I encountered her talking behind a customer's back to another staff. It was not a pleasant experience.
Derek OngDerek Ong
08:55 11 May 24
This place is horrible compared to the other sushiro.1) most of the sauce plates was not cleaned properly as seen in the pic, with leftovers.2) after changing the plates we use a tissue to wipe the subsequent plates and realise there are still stains.3) the water dispenser apparently is faulty but doesnt seem like anythinf is being done.Will never come to this outlet again
Carly NgCarly Ng
13:09 09 May 24
I have been to the different sushiro outlets but this outlet i MUST commend because of a service staff Yan Hua! When she brought us to our table, she thank us for eating here and even started recommending her favourite dishes to try. She greeted every single customer enthusiastically. Thank you for your amazing service Yan Hua! 👍🏻👍🏻
Chephanie NeoChephanie Neo
11:28 05 May 24
Greeted by very enthusiastic service crew. Food good as usual
10:31 17 Apr 24
Spotted this service crew, Yan Hua. Very passionate and enthusiastic, even humbly served two young children from our neighbouring table! Good job Yan Hua! Keep it up!
12:38 16 Mar 24
Seasonal menu and items. Fresh, tasty sushi. Relaxing ambience. A lovely place to go to have dinner with family.
Yichao XuYichao Xu
01:36 14 Mar 24
Teoh KeatTeoh Keat
12:28 12 Mar 24
The last time I came to this outlet was 2 years ago.Pros: The service is significantly better now. The staff use to comprise YPs (rude and poorly trained teenagers) who gave attitude and horrible service. Staff now is significantly better and more well trained, you can tell they really take pride in their job. I would like to give a special commendation to Yan Hua, she was very welcoming and helpful. Kudos to her!Cons: Food quality seems to have detiorated since I last came. Rice is constantly disintegrating and miso soup is highly diluted, I can make better ones by myself from instant miso.Overall: Can go, but neither exceptional nor horrible. Quite an average experience overall due to the lower food quality, but staff was very good.
Bianca68 TannBianca68 Tann
12:46 06 Mar 24
Lots of salmon sushi "styled" with garnishing currently if you are salmon lover. Am impressed by one of their staff, Yan Hua, who always eagerly helped to find seats for customers waiting in the line. She then warmly greet all customers and showed them to their seats as soon as seats are made available. She will thank all customers when they are done with dining and wish all a lovely evenly. Such rare and welcoming service personnel found these days. Keep it up!
jason Tanjason Tan
16:45 05 Mar 24
I'm a very hard-core fan of Sushiro. My experience had always been top tier in all outlets. But, today, I ordered the fried salmon skin, and the portion was pathetic. 4 pieces of small fried skins that cost $3.90 before GST. What is happening to your food portions? Price increasing, but the portion is decreasing more and more? Please lah, do something about it.
07:29 25 Feb 24
Rice breaking apart, sashimi quality is mediocre. This place is barely even close to japanese standard. Sad.
lay hoon.lay hoon.
07:04 24 Feb 24
Economical and has quite a variety of sushi and sashimi. It has an efficient way of operating to the point of inhuman, although I'm talking to a human being- perhaps it's lunch peak time idk? It has a nice touch on the other hand to give ample personal space at counter seats to different groups.
Voon myVoon my
13:03 23 Feb 24
we have waited for close to 40min, when the ticketing machine indicated 20min wait. So just be prepared for waitingGood and fast service when in the restaurantThe quality of the sushi was actually not bad
Jeyalasini PandianJeyalasini Pandian
11:05 23 Feb 24
Very good ambience and staff very helpful. Love all the dishes there. I will definitely come again 👍👍
Alex AngAlex Ang
00:06 17 Feb 24
Reasonable price for the quality of food served
Lucas NeoLucas Neo
05:36 13 Feb 24
First time trying Sushiro, here is my honest review.Food: Quite affordable, especially if you prefer light bites. Meals often come in small portions and are rather easy to consume. Food came via the conveyor belt, very interesting and futuristic! However, side portions are rather small, with only 6 finger sized pieces of octopus for ~ $5Service: Most of the servers here are Chinese, which could result in a language barrier between them and those that do not understand Chinese. Perhaps employing those who speak Tamil/malay would be a slight improvement.Atmosphere: Very good atmosphere, with the typical Japanese greetings present. Restaurant is very clean and organised, with the automated system as a plus too.Others: The queue system that is being increasingly utilised in the f&b industry also makes it very convenient for the customers.
Faith SeeFaith See
11:42 11 Feb 24
Food was good, but I think the biggest standout was the great service from Yan Hua! Such enthusiasm and dedicated service was unexpected, but truly appreciated 🙂
11:31 08 Feb 24
We have been visiting Lot1 branch a lot. Special commendation for YanHua service. She works with pride and we are always very happy being served by her.You have a good staff.
Quek TotoroQuek Totoro
11:28 08 Feb 24
Sincerely want to give a thankful compliment to the staff who was assigning seats/calling for numbers to all waiting guests.Such a great employee 👏 👏 👏Name: Yan HuaDste: 8 February 2024Time: 7pm
Vivien NHTVivien NHT
13:19 06 Feb 24
fransisca nataliafransisca natalia
11:41 06 Feb 24
The only thing i like is the soft shell crab.
Drako ChiaDrako Chia
06:32 06 Feb 24
There was a period where the food was pretty tasteless but now it's back to their original standard.Love the food! Recommended. Definitely better than sushi express la..
Hin Wai ChangHin Wai Chang
08:16 03 Feb 24
Ravishing sushi plates cruising along the lower deck conveyors while the delivery of individual orders speed on the upper deck before diverting towards the ordering table. The amount of fish on the sushi is generous, and the crabs are simply amazing. I do not know if it's a novelty but my sons and I found the experience simply stupendous
Auntcle Fyo :DAuntcle Fyo 😀
07:37 01 Feb 24
there was a worker name "yan hua" and she was so nice 😭😭❤️❤️ she greated us and gave us the best service here ❤️❤️❤️❤️ should totally promote her 🙏❤️
Aason ThanAason Than
17:56 28 Jan 24
The food here is great! Sushiro is one of the best chains that has arrived.. it has fallen off in quality during 2023 but has since picked up once more.The staff here at Lot One are very courteous and nice.The only other value upgrade to this is Itacho sushi.
13:08 26 Jan 24
Joel TanJoel Tan
23:50 23 Jan 24
Fresh shushi, much better than itchy
Justin HoyoJustin Hoyo
13:39 22 Jan 24
One of my favourite restaurants! Food is super good especially their tuna nigiri! Highly recommend for any sushi lover 🙂
Carrisa TanCarrisa Tan
09:51 18 Jan 24
Came here 4-5 times, the service by the lady staff at the welcome kiosk is very friendly and have a nice smile. Food is good as well
12:10 16 Jan 24
Charles WongCharles Wong
12:30 14 Jan 24
Order from tablet menu if you want fresh sushi.Those on conveyor belt is not that fresh.
15:28 13 Jan 24
A great place for a family meal. The staff were friendly and attended to our needs very well and with clear guidance.
12:33 08 Jan 24
We went to SUSHIRO on 8/1/24 CCK Lot 1, to have dinner, everything was good until we order some sushi, ate it and realised there are some sharp bones in it, I immediately spit out one but accidentally swallowed another one. Luckily I was fine. My partner also experienced the same thing. It was dangerous and shocking as this is the first time we encounter it. besides that, I ordered fries and they gave me such a small amount of what other outlets gave like double portion. SUSHIRO used to give customers bigger sushi portions but recently the portion seems to be smaller, and it doesn’t taste as good like before.
Davis SoetarsoDavis Soetarso
04:13 08 Jan 24
Peter ChongPeter Chong
15:25 02 Jan 24
Ronghui LimRonghui Lim
11:25 02 Jan 24
Worst sushi ever, rice is crumbling, sashimi is low tier and tasteless. Don’t bother coming here, If I could have given negative stars this would be -5.
Fred HFred H
06:39 02 Jan 24
Excellent value and selection of sushi. You can find rare seasonal ingredients like Monk Fish Sushi and Shirako.
Ken PehKen Peh
05:14 30 Dec 23
First time having Sushiro. Here's my review:Food: Lots of variety with seasonal menus. Recommend to order directly from the tablet as the conveyor belt plates are very limited.Service: Not much customer service provided. Even check out is self-service, which is very novel for me versus conventional Japanese restaurants.Price: Very affordable and portions are just nice.
17:13 27 Dec 23
Lori ChooLori Choo
10:20 27 Dec 23
sushiro is the best. aunty yan hua is the best
WT WongWT Wong
14:53 16 Dec 23
We booked a table online to avoid disappointment. However , when we reached the outlet , we were told that all tables were fully taken and we have to sit at the counter. So what’s the point of booking ? The waitress happily ignored my question and pushed us to sit at the counter . We have three pax and therefore would prefer table to better interaction ! My mood for the dinner was dampened by half immediately.The sushi were mediocre and price is not that cheap as compared to others chains.Don’t think that I will come again . Thank You!
Johnny NahJohnny Nah
14:49 10 Dec 23
Daniel WongDaniel Wong
11:11 10 Dec 23
Good value for money sushi. No queues at this place for lunch on Sunday. I like the raw prawns and the tako gunkan. Water is free but self service. Payment is by a machine after a staff has scanned the plates.
Tan Khoon KiatTan Khoon Kiat
11:04 09 Dec 23
Jenson SeahJenson Seah
10:38 05 Dec 23
My usual sushiro place, good in every aspect.
Li HuiLi Hui
16:08 02 Dec 23
Rlly good food. Inconsistent when compared to Sushiro at Suntec seems to have bigger portions there.
Ruby Crystal ChenRuby Crystal Chen
13:15 02 Dec 23
First time order sushiro by delivery coz rainy day. After eats a bit disappointed about the rice quite hard .
Jem LimJem Lim
05:25 02 Dec 23
Charmaine LingCharmaine Ling
08:37 30 Nov 23
Eddy FooEddy Foo
06:28 21 Nov 23
Nice booth seating for a solo diner here
Eve CEve C
11:12 19 Nov 23
The service here is way better than every other outlet! There is one aunty in particular that is so enthusiastic and also diligent in introducing the store + specials (above and beyond what everyone else is doing) and it really looks so tiring- really applaud her dedication. Sushi quality is excellent and way better than genki
09:28 12 Nov 23
There're many branches in SG but every single baranch has a bit different taste. Lot 1 is the best.
Marcus ChewMarcus Chew
05:19 12 Nov 23
Good food for the prices, but nothing to rave over other than the chawanmushi.
03:35 06 Nov 23
Prices is slightly expensive then Sushi express, taste of sushi is almost same as other sushi chain restaurant. The only dishes that amaze me is the Red Prawn sushi. It’s very fresh, crunchy and the size of the prawn is worth the prices.Pro - U can order on menu in their tablet and the will belt delivery to our table direct. ??Con - Their stamp reward is stupid. Only chop 1 stamp per visit, and must be above $20.. You spend $200 on that night but they still give you 1 stamp.. other Sushi chain resturant give every $20 spend for 1 stamp..
Lim NancyLim Nancy
12:13 27 Sep 23
Love the flow of ordering, billing. Everything is freshly made. Apart from new pdt like an new coloured vinegar rice, they run new pdts promo too. Try the French fries, super hot as freshly fried. Really yumz. Lol.
Yp LaiYp Lai
05:03 23 Sep 23
Nice place for sushi!
Kian KweeKian Kwee
10:46 21 Sep 23
Food is absolutely awesome, taste wise also very solid. Yan Hua is very kind, courteous, helpful. Always greets the customers when they are coming in. Pleasant experience as always.
K BubbliciousK Bubblicious
09:38 21 Sep 23
20 Sep 2023Food came really fast. Tried their new Akazu Red Vinegar sush. Maybe because it is on a weekday. Had a wonderful dinning experience.Had visited the shop just now on 5 Oct and Service was excellent provided by Yong Keng. He was helpful and friendly. Follow by the young girl who wore spec also give a good brief on what today special they have. It was great dinning at sushiro. Will come back again for more sushi ?Must try their Mekajiki sushi, negitoro maki and their tori karaage! Very nice!On 19 Oct 2022Met the server Darren two time during my visit. Had some small conversation with him about the loyalty card and find him friendly and not what the other review had said. Today i had tried their fish karaage i find it nice hot and even nicer with mayo23 Oct 2021Love to come sushiro @ Lot 1Always find their staff very friendly and helpfulFood come fast and quality is good! ???????
Edi WirayaEdi Wiraya
15:04 20 Sep 23
Star CarterStar Carter
01:57 05 Sep 23
The sashimi in sushiro looks high quality and tasted fresh, no funk and the meat is firm. Tuna is dark red and salmon vibrant orange. Compared to many other conveyor belt sushi restaurants, this definitely offer both value and quality. Easy to order from menu or take from conveyor belt. Green tea is refillable and so are the wasabi and stuff. Great place for eating alone or in group. Staff are helpful if you need otherwise they do not bother you. There is time limit and they will enforce it during busy hours. Overall, a good place for sushi.
Ryan LeeRyan Lee
09:06 30 Jul 23
Out of the 5 branches I visited this month, this is definitely the least consistent in service despite coning at non peak - 4pm. My seat was mistakenly given to another walk in group as the staff didn't check queue ticket. I was not given a wet tissue when seated. There were no spoons or sauce plate at my table. Upon requesting the staff gave me a stack and asked me to refill it at my table. The spoon I took was not clean either. There were also random empty lids on the belt which was mostly empty compared to other outlets. They were never cleared throughout the length of my visit. There was barely any aburi on the aburi and serving of rice and topping in the uni wrap was not ideal. Lastly, pressed the call staff button to end meal but no one showed up for 10 mins, had to manually call staff. Would probably avoid this outlet in future.
Kristi RKristi R
13:20 25 Jul 23
First time in a sushi place with a conveyor belt, was pretty cool. The sushi was pretty good for the low prices, also liked the unlimited drinks at 3 dollars. Definitely would visit again.
14:20 18 Apr 23
Sushiro hired a gem! Yan Hua was extremely courteous during my every visit, provided dedicated customer service and its been a real long time since I experience such wonderful service attitude!My visit today was late (9+pm on a Tuesday), any service staff would have been tired at this point but yet she still greeted each customer passionately and gave seasonal recommendations very eloquently. Thank you for the amazing hospitality!Food is great of course! Looking forward to my next visit.
ZX TanZX Tan
10:07 13 Apr 23
standard of sushi here is the same when compared with other outlets I’ve tried. Salmon, Big red shrimp and scallop are always so good. Service here is exceptional though, the staff, Yan Hua is very polite!

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