Sushiro Waterway Point: Sushi Delights in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Welcome to Sushiro Waterway Point, where the world of sushi comes to life amidst the vibrant neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru in Singapore. Our restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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Sushiro Waterway Point is committed to creating unforgettable dining experiences:

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Our skilled sushi chefs pour their passion into each dish, using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is a work of art.

2. Culinary Diversity: Our menu boasts a wide array of traditional and contemporary sushi delights, catering to all palates, from classic Nigiri to imaginative sushi rolls.

3. Welcoming Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the friendly and inviting atmosphere of Waterway Point. Our restaurant provides a cozy setting for everything from intimate dinners to casual get-togethers.

4. Impeccable Service: Our warm and attentive staff is dedicated to making your dining experience exceptional, with personalized service that ensures your satisfaction.

5. Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Waterway Point, Sushiro Waterway Point is easily accessible, making it the perfect choice for a quick lunch, relaxed dinner, or weekend outing.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Can’t dine in? No problem. Enjoy the Sushiro experience from the comfort of your own home with our convenient online ordering and delivery services.

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Opening Hours

Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday 11 am–10 pm
Wednesday 11 am–10 pm
Thursday 11 am–10 pm
Friday 11 am–10 pm
Saturday 11 am–10 pm

Sushiro Waterway Point
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jeremy hojeremy ho
02:21 24 Mar 24
Cheng Wai MengCheng Wai Meng
01:20 22 Mar 24
Lai Jye SingLai Jye Sing
04:08 21 Mar 24
The food taste drop a lot, the sashimi are not fresh. Service could be improved, staff sometimes very rude. The waiting area cannot hear staff called number, design should change.
Daniel YeoDaniel Yeo
06:16 19 Mar 24
Not much rice options.But,food was fresh
12:55 13 Mar 24
The sushi is super terrible, with few choices. The green tea powder is tasteless. The cold chawanmushi is the worst, not recommended. The sushi is really not delicious but the udon here is delicious. Only the hot food here is delicious. You can choose to only eat udon, but the portion is not big.
11:33 13 Mar 24
Better than sushi express.The wallet friendly prices are 2.30 and 2.90 if u are trying to save money.
I. FooI. Foo
13:54 12 Mar 24
Nice to get quick lunch over here. Queue moves fast too, can always get a queue number via the app first!
Geraldine Huang (Neru)Geraldine Huang (Neru)
02:51 03 Mar 24
Always coming here for sushi. Super affordable with the portion sizing too and tastes great and fresh! Quite fast service. Only thing is the place tends to be quite warm at times but can't help it since it's near a automatic door to the outside.
Lim Seng ChewLim Seng Chew
15:28 02 Mar 24
KianHong KhooKianHong Khoo
08:17 01 Mar 24
Probably one of the more authentic places for conveyor belt sushi. Price is pretty good for its quality and portion.
Geraldine Huang (Neru)Geraldine Huang (Neru)
08:36 26 Feb 24
Kim TanKim Tan
23:46 25 Feb 24
Good ambience , spacious interior , food arrives quickly 😋
Lyon .LLyon .L
15:13 20 Feb 24
Pretty standard sushiro now with seasonal items which is rather nice! Staff were rather quick as well but only complaint probably would be the edamame as it tasted rather different from normal and not really fresh sadly.
Benjamin WongBenjamin Wong
08:49 19 Feb 24
The food is value for money and tastes good.
The price is reasonable and the sushi for the price is nice. Good sushi for good price
Munirajsivakumar MMunirajsivakumar M
05:15 18 Feb 24
Siqi AwSiqi Aw
12:58 17 Feb 24
Bobby ManBobby Man
11:02 08 Feb 24
Food is good as usual and pricing is affordable
Joe TanJoe Tan
15:52 29 Jan 24
Solid sushi for the price point.
Serene LeongSerene Leong
06:44 25 Jan 24
15:46 24 Jan 24
jimmy quekjimmy quek
17:40 22 Jan 24
Excellent sushi
Kate TongKate Tong
12:33 21 Jan 24
Q is too long and no customer service
Timothy LiewTimothy Liew
03:33 18 Jan 24
Prices here are decent. Food isn't the best, but acceptable for the price.Service is great, 5 stars to the staff.
Heng JolynHeng Jolyn
14:07 14 Jan 24
First visit to Sushiro! I know.... I'm late to the game!😅 Hubby loves the Giant Sweet Prawn so much that he had 5 of them!🤣 Dishes here were more "interesting" than that of Genki. Not too pricey too. Yummy! Will be back!
Ken ChanKen Chan
07:56 12 Jan 24
As usual. Fresh and good sushi. New seasonal items is refreshing rather than the same old things at other restaurants.
Piow PiowPiow Piow
10:21 11 Jan 24
Short waiting time during weekdays. Their sushi taste good and ingredients are fresh. Friendly and responsive crews. Comfortable dining environment and informative menu.
Yi Pei OngYi Pei Ong
07:47 09 Jan 24
Can be crowded, avoid going during peak hours. Good service and nice food!
Ang Yong LiangAng Yong Liang
07:10 09 Jan 24
Euforica LimEuforica Lim
15:23 08 Jan 24
Food was nice but the selection is limited. As we went early (around 5pm), it was easy getting a seat and food was served quite fast. Very friendly staff!
Steven SooSteven Soo
00:28 02 Jan 24
We arrived at 4.30-5pm range for early dinner but we waited abit although no people and lots of table available. No staff at the front hence need to walk in abit to ask for a sit😂The menu have Width selection of interesting sushi and bigger potion to justify the cost of each dish. Importantly you still can get ramen as well, suitable for family's with kidsThe uni seems to have a weird taste although the signage claim its fresh. Overall the experience still ok but much expensive than I expected, Total damage $80+
jonathan tjonathan t
13:19 25 Dec 23
Nice place to get a sushi train experience! The food is pretty decent and enjoyable. There's not much human service to speak of. The ordering system and sushi train itself works well, but the staff themselves are not particularly warm or outstanding in their fairly limited roles. The atmosphere is okay... It's bustling while being isolating, which makes it possible to have decent catch ups with friends or family. You get enough privacy, yet you don't feel the noise is out of place.
Edmund TaiEdmund Tai
20:51 24 Dec 23
Eric TeoEric Teo
08:33 23 Dec 23
Bad experience waiting more than 25mins for takeaway. Was told to wait 20mins, then realised they failed to make the order. Quite disappointed given it is non peak at 4pm.
Leong MingJunLeong MingJun
10:05 20 Dec 23
04:43 19 Dec 23
Sushi is ok. Price a bit on the higher side
Daryl Bay (Ah Bay)Daryl Bay (Ah Bay)
16:19 05 Dec 23
Didn’t know there was a sushiro at Waterway Point! Not cheap. Food is nice tbh. I like cold chawanmushi. Surprisingly good.
12:43 05 Dec 23
i have always enjoyed eating at sushiro, and would choose to eat here instead of other sushi places. however, i am disappointed in the quality of their food recently. ordered the avocado and shrimp roll, and was shocked to see such a tiny piece of avocado tucked into the sushi! please at least have the decency to give a reasonable amount of toppings, if not, it becomes not worth my money…
Icy PikachuIcy Pikachu
22:46 21 Nov 23
Candy TanCandy Tan
08:26 18 Nov 23
Melvin ChuaMelvin Chua
13:10 10 Nov 23
A lot of varieties of sushi. Only issue I have is when you order the suppose more premium sushi, the quality turns up to be same as the normal grad sushi. Either than that all are good.
Joel TanJoel Tan
11:20 04 Nov 23
Ann NgAnn Ng
02:29 01 Oct 23
Food not very fresh but staff is very nice
very fresh sashimi n sushi. my gal enjoyed the udon as well. the rice is so soft n fluffy.
J JozaeiJ Jozaei
12:32 28 Sep 23
Nice sushi good service
Ryan TanRyan Tan
12:45 27 Sep 23
Fast and good quality sushis. Price is reasonable and they have a wider variety of tuna items.
01:22 21 Sep 23
Pleasant staff, quick food serving, adequate choices, and most of all fresh sashimis. Their takoyaki is the best I’ve tasted.
Patrick CPatrick C
17:28 27 Aug 23
It's a Japanese sushi train chain of restaurent in Japan but they do have branches in Singapore.Very reasonable priced and the sushi does taste good. Service staff is friendly and helpful. Quite a lot of varieties of sushi to choose from.
Tee Kok KiongTee Kok Kiong
15:28 13 Aug 23
Food was surprisingly good.Fresh and tasty. Affordable fatty blue fin tuna, though there's a small fish bone inside (mai hiam).Speed of food ordered from pad is also fast even though crowded.One thing to make it better is if the queue system can be improved. Missed the queue even though seated at the waiting area because did not realise the number was called, and it's missed within a short buffer time (cos they pushing ppl in fast). No choice but to wait again after slotted back.
23:52 21 Jul 23
The conveyer belt has some issue so the opp plate flew down in front of me haha,So is good and price is affordable. Sashimi is fresh too. Serving portion is just nice. But the cashier is quite rude,not sure if it is the same person as receipt state Larry. Wearing mask with specs, told the cashier I'll be using fave voucher, the cashier tot is fraser. Dun sound local. Expect cust to use automated, when i say im using fave, the face turn black..When asked where to press the fave voucher, the person just replied I dunno. Very unsincere attitude. Prefer those ladies who serve at table. More polite and friendly.
12:58 18 Jul 23
Among all the Japanese restaurant that incorporate a sushi conveyor belt, sushiro is my favourite as it offer a huge variety of fishes as sashimi and has many other cooked stuff to choose from allowing an inclusive family experience for all!
Bryan FangBryan Fang
12:44 28 Jun 23
First time eating in sushiro(SG).Overall dining experience was just ok.For service-wise, my partner and I were asked how we wanted to sit, side by side which was counter or face to face which was table. We chose side by side and we were brought to our seats. Staff explained to us to order from the tablet provided and wasabi to taken from the conveyor belt. All these which we already knew thanks to sharing from friends. Other than that, there wasn't any other forms of service provided to justify the service charge. Just saying....For food-wise, there was nothing bad about the food. Food is fresh, fried food are cooked upon order and ramens were served piping hot. One downside is the sushi rice which kept breaking up. I think for sushiro's standard this is not acceptable.Price-wise is definitely slightly higher compared to similar establishments.There were cups and water dispenser for self-service. Same goes for payment on a self-service kiosk.3 stars because of the taste of food.

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Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or new to Japanese cuisine, Sushiro Waterway Point invites you to experience the artistry, freshness, and innovation that define our culinary excellence. Visit us today and let your taste buds savour the magic of sushi right here in the heart of Tiong Bahru.