Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza: Elevating Sushi Delights in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Welcome to Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza, where the world of sushi comes to life amidst the vibrant neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru in Singapore. Our restaurant invites you to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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Discover Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza

Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza is committed to creating unforgettable dining experiences:

1. Sushi Craftsmanship: Our skilled sushi chefs pour their passion into each dish, using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is a work of art.

2. Culinary Diversity: Our menu boasts a wide array of traditional and contemporary sushi delights, catering to all palates, from classic Nigiri to imaginative sushi rolls.

3. Welcoming Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the friendly and inviting atmosphere of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Our restaurant provides a cozy setting for everything from intimate dinners to casual get-togethers.

4. Impeccable Service: Our warm and attentive staff is dedicated to making your dining experience exceptional, with personalized service that ensures your satisfaction.

5. Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Tiong Bahru, Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza is easily accessible, making it the perfect choice for a quick lunch, relaxed dinner, or weekend outing.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Can’t dine in? No problem. Enjoy the Sushiro experience from the comfort of your own home with our convenient online ordering and delivery services.

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Opening Hours

Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday 11 am–10 pm
Wednesday 11 am–10 pm
Thursday 11 am–10 pm
Friday 11 am–10 pm
Saturday 11 am–10 pm

Noel InterinoNoel Interino
22:16 28 May 24
Sushi lovers try this outlet... 👌
Nicholas NicholasNicholas Nicholas
08:20 23 May 24
Han NguyenHan Nguyen
21:30 22 May 24
ok so so the same as any conveyor belt chain sushi..
Tay Poh HuaTay Poh Hua
10:35 22 May 24
Food is not only fresh, they are served relatively promptly. The staff are friendly and helpful. Spacious and clean dining environment.
Rueben Irwanto CherRueben Irwanto Cher
04:48 20 May 24
Clement TehClement Teh
02:53 20 May 24
Availability of seats was ok. The environment was very good. The sushi train was not very exciting niether were the raw tuna that seem to have the texture of rubber. If you have eaten in Singpore owned sushi restaurant it is normal for rubbery fish meat. Price paid was not cheap but good experience should be better. I do not that authentic tune melts in your mouth. For this price, going to Genki sushi would have been less disappointing. (Genki sushi is not so fantastic anyway)
Kenny YapKenny Yap
09:39 19 May 24
Probably cheapest for the quality, but doesn’t have mentaiko which is why I’ll still choose Genki. Also the salmon belly was chewy and slightly hard.May 2024: came back years later on labour day. Wanted a midday snack and came here since it was quite quiet and I thought I can chill here. I ended up chilling from 330pm to almost 6pm and they didn’t chase me out. Place was fully packed at 6pm with a queue outside. Food was great and my midday snack turned out to be 12 plates and made me $40 poorer but my belly fuller.
May OngMay Ong
05:49 19 May 24
SSing TanSSing Tan
14:34 24 Mar 24
Mark KramMark Kram
11:11 22 Mar 24
Years back had a very bad dinner here. It was during covid times. Restaurant was kinda empty so spotted a staff coughing into the cutlery or cups. Informed another staff. Nobody in the outlet seems want to take ownership. Alleged staff was damn provocative/defensive and even came up to me to argue. Mgr ban leong was unable to manage the situation yet alone the staff.
Rosanne TanRosanne Tan
04:44 19 Mar 24
Alice H.Alice H.
04:58 11 Mar 24
Goh KokboonGoh Kokboon
14:16 10 Mar 24
15:42 09 Mar 24
Recent times that i had dine here was on my salmon feast. You have to try the orange ice cream cake (if i get the name correctly). It really taste great. The taste, the temperature just perfect for me.But if you have the app, use the app to queue first because it gets real crowded during peak timings and they do have limited table seatings (the rest are counter seats)
Jeremy LJeremy L
02:31 09 Mar 24
Affordable sushi with reasonable price and portion. I just feel that their sashimi option can have more variety
10:09 04 Mar 24
Leslie LeeLeslie Lee
01:26 04 Mar 24
12:05 03 Mar 24
The food and service might be alright but it was ruined by a moth infestation. There are moths everywhere (encountered at 5 different ones) not only inside the restaurant but even in the entrance area. I would recommend going to other sushiros or chains.
phyo phyophyo phyo
16:00 29 Feb 24
Ang Cheng HongAng Cheng Hong
00:39 29 Feb 24
14:05 27 Feb 24
Roy PRoy P
10:35 26 Feb 24
Nice food
Siew Chin TanSiew Chin Tan
17:13 25 Feb 24
The sushi rice for nigiri was given smaller portion as compared to other sushi chains. Price wise still ok for those fresh unique fish offered and even offered pork sushi. Do expect long queues.
Jessie LouJessie Lou
09:46 19 Feb 24
Tis a fun date, but the sushi quality isn't the best. Everything tasted to similarly fishy instead of buttery and unique...
David DensingDavid Densing
04:32 18 Feb 24
Rachel HanRachel Han
11:28 16 Feb 24
long distancelong distance
09:36 16 Feb 24
jimmy gohjimmy goh
07:10 14 Feb 24
Samantha WongSamantha Wong
09:51 12 Feb 24
Wrong order was given to us and the sushi came on 2 separate plates when it was supposed to be only on 1 plate with a pair of tuna sushi that we ordered for.Tried to explain to the staff that this is not what we ordered but was instead told that they will just count the plates as per what it is eaten without hearing our our explanation clearly. This was not fair and dishonest for a paying customer to be charged extra.Second time the machine came out with a wrong plate which we did not order and had to inform the staff again.Itacho Sushi please check your conveyor belt system for errors.
Tiong heng LeeTiong heng Lee
06:40 11 Feb 24
jimmy chewjimmy chew
11:25 10 Feb 24
Wonderful japanese dishes. Fresh but on the high price. Good to take the exotic ones and seasonal dishes.
Esther LourdesEsther Lourdes
12:43 09 Feb 24
guanghua jiaguanghua jia
06:42 09 Feb 24
Prasanth DuraikannuPrasanth Duraikannu
23:44 04 Feb 24
Nice place
Alex LimAlex Lim
06:24 03 Feb 24
She ChanShe Chan
04:50 27 Jan 24
Our go to place for quick and affordable sushi meal. Crab season for today so tried their crab croquette. Not much whole crab with the filling and the texture is more liquid. It was okay. The seasonal toro tuna is good and must try, softer and less frozen vs the other tuna offering. Negitoro sushi is a staple. Scallop chawamushi was decent so as the rest of our orders
13:20 26 Jan 24
Ran WongRan Wong
10:17 25 Jan 24
I had such high hopes for this sushi joint, thinking I was about to embark on a sushi extravaganza. But, it turned out to be a comedy of errors instead!I walked in with expectations as high as MBS, thinking that the brand and prices would guarantee me sushi-liciousness. But alas, my dreams were swiftly crushed like a lemon under a car tire.The sashimi was lukewarm and lacked any sizzle. I wonder if the chef had provided them with a long warm massage before serving them to me. The rice was as fragile as my motivation to lose weight. It crumbled at the slightest touch, leaving me with a plate of sushi rubble.
hebi llihderhebi llihder
05:38 25 Jan 24
Kaylen KohKaylen Koh
09:46 24 Jan 24
Joanne LeeJoanne Lee
07:08 17 Jan 24
Julie WuJulie Wu
15:26 15 Jan 24
For me, Sushiro is a good choice when I late lunch. I order different kinds of food today and enjoy the meal.
14:21 14 Jan 24
Visited the place after lunch hour so the foods ordered are served quite fast. The sushi are good as always with the ingredients taste good. The raw ingredients are fresh.
teck hong wongteck hong wong
05:41 14 Jan 24
Nice food. I come here very often
16:02 09 Jan 24
It is pretty decent, conveyor belt sushi. Though, the price was abit higher than expected.
06:59 09 Jan 24
Peter HendersonPeter Henderson
16:26 05 Jan 24
Sushiro is always great! My only petty complaint is no water at the table and no free matcha powder. Also they were missing some of the good options that I ate in HK and Japan.
William LeadyWilliam Leady
01:14 01 Jan 24
Nathaniel HeahNathaniel Heah
05:25 30 Dec 23
Food is fine but absolutely lousy customer service. The man at the counter told us he had called us when we had literally taken the ticket and waited in front of the counter and actively were listening out because we saw the waiting time was short. After we asked him, he said he called us and didn't we didn't hear him. To blame a customer for your poor service and lack of organisation is absolute garbage.
Calcen ChanCalcen Chan
08:01 28 Dec 23
Good fast sushi place. Overal food is above average. Food came quick on the second conveyer track after ordering. We were able to find seats quickly because we didn't mind sitting facing the tracks instead of a table.Staff were friendly and quick!!
15:34 27 Dec 23
The food is basically passable, but some items are out of stock and the store will not take them off the shelves. The new grilled puffer fish sushi feels more raw than grilled. The seasoned jelly on the cold chawanmushi gave a large piece of hard surface. And this time The salmon is very lean and not oily
Claudio S.Claudio S.
14:40 27 Dec 23
This is my kids' favourite place to eat. I think the most exciting thing is the conveyor belt and how easy it is to order via the tablet, smart concept. Wasn't it for the kids I'd never eat here, saying that the experience is not all that bad.
04:51 25 Dec 23
Xing Zhi WuXing Zhi Wu
17:09 24 Dec 23
Eddy FooEddy Foo
07:11 17 Dec 23
Amin AmAmin Am
15:36 13 Dec 23
jiahui yeojiahui yeo
03:42 12 Dec 23
Hua ChengHua Cheng
05:49 08 Dec 23
Shay SengShay Seng
08:48 07 Dec 23
Glenda LeongGlenda Leong
01:05 04 Dec 23
steven budiantosteven budianto
12:09 03 Dec 23
Cindy SimCindy Sim
10:38 03 Dec 23
Cheryl AngelineCheryl Angeline
11:01 02 Dec 23
Lawrence NeoLawrence Neo
05:31 02 Dec 23
connoisseur, dilettante, and esthete.
03:16 02 Oct 23
Ck TanCk Tan
15:15 01 Oct 23
Handika Indra SetiawanHandika Indra Setiawan
11:54 29 Sep 23
2nd time here and affordable. Ordered 9 plates and spent around $26.xxCome before the rush hour to get the seat easily. I like their soy sauce options. Will keep coming back!
Xiu Pin See TohXiu Pin See Toh
04:18 29 Sep 23
Always love the great service & ambience here. Would been better if there is more variety of food to choose from. Nevertheless, the food has always been fresh and reasonably priced.
03:10 29 Sep 23
Food was really nice and prepared well, Cleanliness was quite decent and service was efficient and kind.
Lennard LimLennard Lim
16:27 24 Sep 23
Jeff SuiJeff Sui
09:57 24 Sep 23
Highly recommended for its quality of food.Service is not the fastest, with 3-4 staff covering all roles, from cashier, packing, clearing, ushering etc.
Chubbee_ BoiChubbee_ Boi
05:40 24 Sep 23
A well-priced conveyor belt sushi restaurant with tasty and fresh food. Would definitely recommend some of the salmon, ramen and cake desserts. During peak hour, unless you have a reservation expect to wait at least 30 mins, and when inside the restaurant if you call the staff during peak hour it can take a while because there’s a lot of other people doing the same thing. However the wait is worth it in the end
Stephanie ErStephanie Er
11:12 23 Sep 23
As far as conveyor belt sushi goes, Sushiro takes the cake
Ms WunderlastMs Wunderlast
09:13 23 Sep 23
Ching Leng Ken WongChing Leng Ken Wong
00:11 21 Sep 23
09:33 20 Sep 23
We went around 7:30pm Tuesday night , wait time was less than 3mins, the place was full but not noisy. You can grab sushi from conveyor belt or order something on the menu , and our orders came in 5mins.There are meat sushi options and all kinds of seafood sushi. Deserts and free flow drinks at $3.The sushi we got were very fresh and sushi rice was really well prepared, the prices range from $2.3-$4.9 per dish, with good portion size.Overall I’m very impressed, and will definitely go back again. Sushiro meets my expectations for affordable sushi.
Marcus TanMarcus Tan
00:34 19 Sep 23
Jungmin JoJungmin Jo
09:27 15 Sep 23
Lovely food but sometimes kids are noisy here. Parents not helping out. Beside this, everything is great.
Jefferson NeoJefferson Neo
02:36 08 Sep 23
Evyn XuEvyn Xu
11:48 05 Sep 23
Average sushi place on conveyor belt system. Wished there were more variety.
14:15 28 Aug 23
Very good restaurant!Immersion in Japan is guaranteedThe staff is attentive, very pleasantNo waiting to go to the restaurantPrice level, four different ranges (minimum $2.3)
Yvonne DiamondYvonne Diamond
13:38 28 Aug 23
My friend bought me once at their Scotts outlet. I quite like the quality of the food. Surprise to see Tiong Bahru Plaza have it too. Just went for a quick bite.
Céleste FerrandCéleste Ferrand
16:08 21 Aug 23
Delicious, very varied choice and always a pleasure to taste sushi on this small railroad. It feels like Tokyo!
Akiyo GoAkiyo Go
03:19 21 Aug 23
Value for money. Fish is fresher than Sushiro branches in Japan.
Chao MaChao Ma
08:34 20 Aug 23
Good restaurant for family
Hock ChaiHock Chai
07:20 07 Aug 23
Tried the national day promotional items and they were great.There are cooked foods options.Raw seafood options are good for the price.Alcoholic drinks are available too!Wait staff are nice.
12:51 20 Jul 23
Service was really friendly and good. I love that it was mostly self-service as well though. Food was good and served pretty quickly. I’ll definitely return if I’m in the area and craving sushi.
Jeffrey TanggauJeffrey Tanggau
14:13 19 Jun 23
Came here with my friends, we were pretty excited that a Japanese chain had opened it's doors in Singapore.I personally was a little disappointed, we ordered the tuna belly sushi. Although they were quite generous with the portion and the price was of great value, the fish was still frozen. I felt so insulted for the fish, such a great cut of fish to be served that way.However, what sold me was the premium unagi sushi. Really good.Generally - it's an average experience for me.
h simh sim
12:15 10 May 23
Here for the salmon - better than genki & sushi express. Scallop was slightly fishy for me. Don't like their broiled items as much. Queues are long even on a Wednesday.

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Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or new to Japanese cuisine, Sushiro Tiong Bahru Plaza invites you to experience the artistry, freshness, and innovation that define our culinary excellence. Visit us today and let your taste buds savour the magic of sushi right here in the heart of Tiong Bahru.

Great news for Sushiro Lovers, a new branch is opening in Plaza Singapura.