Sushiro Bedok Mall: A Culinary Haven in the Heart of Singapore

Welcome to Sushiro Bedok Mall, where gastronomic excellence meets the vibrant atmosphere of Singapore. Our outlet, located in the heart of Bedok Mall, is your gateway to an extraordinary sushi dining experience, blending tradition and innovation in every dish.

Sushiro Bedok Mall outlet

Sushiro Bedok Mall Experience

Sushiro Bedok Mall takes immense pride in offering an exceptional dining adventure that commences the moment you walk through our doors:

1. Sushi Mastery: Our accomplished sushi chefs meticulously prepare each dish, using only the freshest, premium ingredients. From classic Nigiri to inventive sushi rolls, every bite is a testament to our dedication to perfection.

2. A World of Flavors: Our extensive menu caters to every palate, whether you seek the comforting familiarity of traditional sushi or the excitement of unique flavour combinations. There’s something for everyone at Sushiro Bedok Mall.

3. Inviting Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our Bedok Mall outlet. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or someone special, our cozy setting provides the ideal backdrop for a memorable meal.

4. Exceptional Service: Our attentive and friendly staff are committed to ensuring your dining experience is flawless. We are here to assist and ensure your visit is truly enjoyable.

5. Convenient Location: Situated within Bedok Mall, one of Singapore’s premier shopping destinations, our outlet is easily accessible. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a leisurely dinner, or a get-together, Sushiro Bedok Mall is your go-to choice.

6. Takeaway and Delivery: Can’t dine in? No problem. Enjoy the Sushiro experience from the comfort of your home by ordering online. Our efficient takeaway and delivery services ensure you can relish your favourite sushi treats wherever you are.

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Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 11 am–10 pm
Tuesday 11 am–10 pm
Wednesday 11 am–10 pm
Thursday 11 am–10 pm
Friday 11 am–10 pm
Saturday 11 am–10 pm

Sushiro Bedok Mall
Based on 630 reviews
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14:13 21 Mar 24
jerry tanjerry tan
08:05 19 Mar 24
Download app and make appointments before you heading
Yuki TomitaYuki Tomita
15:49 17 Mar 24
11:21 17 Mar 24
Rakesh BelaniRakesh Belani
04:45 11 Mar 24
MagicMan Hong WeiMagicMan Hong Wei
16:14 10 Mar 24
The Sushi, Sashimi, and Desserts are perfect. Customer Service is Top Notch.However, the Tonkotsu Ramen is extremely Salty, worst than what a Amateur chef can produce.... Also, the Salmon Skin is Thicker...
Brandon PangBrandon Pang
12:33 10 Mar 24
Go to place for sushi conveyor experience but they perpetually have this issue with their cups for water. Please fix it, i dont wanna know whats floating on top of the water each time
w kw k
09:43 10 Mar 24
Jeremy TengJeremy Teng
03:14 10 Mar 24
I like sushiro for their raw fish, came closer to last order timing. Hardly any food on conveyor belt, sushi came that crumble in my hands / chopsticksVery slow turnover while table is empty.
Gregory AthanasiusGregory Athanasius
11:42 02 Mar 24
Sushiro, Japan's renowned conveyor belt sushi chain, offers an affordable dining experience at Bedok Mall. With prices starting at just $2.20++ per plate and over 100 dishes to choose from, diners are treated to a vast array of options. The automated systems impressively handle dish serving, check-in, and payment processes, ensuring a seamless experience. Sushi is served in tight container caps to maintain warmth—a clever touch.Sushiro maintains its reputation for fresh, value-for-money offerings across its various sushi selections. However, during peak hours, be mindful of the 60-minute meal time limit.While the ambiance is inviting, a reduction in the salt content of the chawanmushi and Ramen could enhance healthfulness and customer satisfaction.
Cecilia LimCecilia Lim
07:19 28 Feb 24
12:32 27 Feb 24
I visit this branch to have sushi quite often. The quality of sushi is generally good, the ordering time is ideal, and the cleanliness of the store is also good. You won't see dust on the conveyor belt like one of the other brand🤭and the staff are polite. The quality of the food relative to the price is also reasonable.
Christopher ChooChristopher Choo
16:14 24 Feb 24
Sarah OlisiaSarah Olisia
08:48 23 Feb 24
Zachary HauZachary Hau
12:10 20 Feb 24
James KohJames Koh
10:18 20 Feb 24
Lucky Beauty ArtLucky Beauty Art
00:01 12 Feb 24
15:17 04 Feb 24
Sharon KohSharon Koh
23:48 02 Feb 24
Fries was our favourite but it became so small. Disappointed
Bernard SohBernard Soh
01:33 01 Feb 24
Only issue I have is that if you order drinks (unlimited soda), the cup doesn't get delivered. Have to go ask someone to get you that, even if they are supposed to deliver. Had this happen even during off peak and waiters are just waiting around. Worse if during peak.
Daryl PangDaryl Pang
04:40 30 Jan 24
Will rate this place in-between Sushi Express and Genki 🙂 the salmon sashimi with cucumber/avocado thing was really nice
Jacelyn TanJacelyn Tan
01:11 30 Jan 24
Definitely recommend!!!
Patrick NgPatrick Ng
13:08 29 Jan 24
06:24 26 Jan 24
Sonali VermaSonali Verma
01:02 23 Jan 24
We went there for easy to access sushi/sashmi is large quantities. It was chosen for the carousel but food was neither accessible nor plenty. Belt barely had any dishes and everything had to be ordered of the menu. Plus quality of food was very average. It was not worth the wait and effort. Staff was polite and did their best!
02:47 13 Jan 24
The existing conveyor belt sushi restaurant called Sushiro was very famous, so overall it wasn't bad. However, there are a lot of children, so it can create a somewhat hectic atmosphere.
Gra CiousGra Cious
08:10 12 Jan 24
Nice good food and clean environment!
Schubert HoSchubert Ho
15:01 10 Jan 24
Bryant PohBryant Poh
07:08 09 Jan 24
Brought my wife and som here for lunch. Food quality and taste is good for price paid.
13:27 07 Jan 24
The taste isn't spectacularly delicious, but it's surprisingly not bad. The service is also within common sense and there are no particular problems.
Vivien TanVivien Tan
09:38 07 Jan 24
Value for moneyFresh seafoodA little slow in service
Eddie TanEddie Tan
05:44 07 Jan 24
Just not that impressed. Ok, but not impressive sushi.
A 51A 51
13:38 02 Jan 24
Food was v soso. AC was set at 26 degrees made it a torture to eat there. Nvr gg back.
Patricia Ou YongPatricia Ou Yong
07:34 02 Jan 24
Nice place for sushi! Service is great, tooFriendly staff n sushi is good and prices affordable.
Tetei VarteTetei Varte
18:21 31 Dec 23
Robert TanRobert Tan
00:30 28 Dec 23
13:09 27 Dec 23
Slightly above average food at reasonable price.
Casper LoiCasper Loi
06:38 24 Dec 23
Sushi is good but udon portion is really small for the price.
Eric ChanEric Chan
02:37 18 Dec 23
A reasonably priced place with good enough japanese food for all to enjoy!
WC LeeWC Lee
09:27 14 Dec 23
The standard has dropped substantially. The sushi rice for the nigiri just falls apart. The salmon slices are cut in some odd shapes. The fried sweet potatoes are hard.
Bethany LodgeBethany Lodge
09:46 13 Dec 23
Paid a heavy price just for a one time experience, not worth going back again, for this same price i spent, i shud hv done it in orchard road restaurants wo regrets! Mm
Nd ChngNd Chng
09:15 11 Dec 23
09:42 08 Dec 23
just Waijust Wai
11:19 06 Dec 23
Price is good, food quality is good too!! I love it!!
Joseph987 XJoseph987 X
14:45 20 Nov 23
Sushi of fresh seafood
Alexander TeoAlexander Teo
03:59 20 Nov 23
Hk PohHk Poh
14:01 19 Nov 23
Kaizer ooiKaizer ooi
08:49 17 Nov 23
Angel YeoAngel Yeo
08:21 17 Nov 23
Chin Ying LimChin Ying Lim
14:27 27 Sep 23
The place was good . And the food was also good. As I went with my friend. And we spent about $18
Jovern NgJovern Ng
09:25 27 Sep 23
Standard has dropped drastically since opening. I rarely leave reviews, but since I have been coming here since it opened a few years ago, I really observed that everything is pretty bad now. Yes it still tastes fine but just not up to par. I feel that they lose out to other competitors. Also, when food is sent back to the kitchen, please don’t think your customers are stupid. You sent back the same plate of sashimi. It was sent back for a reason. Not for you to just plate it slightly different and think all customers wouldnt notice.
Bernard SohBernard Soh
23:26 19 Sep 23
Isaac LeongIsaac Leong
14:55 09 Sep 23
Ordered several different sushi types, plus chawanmushi, tonkotsu ramen & peach parfait dessert. Ikura is fresh. Mentai salmon is nice. A couple of sushi pieces didn't hold together and rice broke off when being lifted up. Chawanmushi is smooth and flavourful - it has a piece of shellfish inside. Tonkotsu ramen has taste & texture of instant noodles (esp the instant noodle seasoning powder taste), and soup does not have the rich pork bone broth from many other ramen outlets, incl Ajisen Ramen. Peach parfait dessert was delicious: it contained ice cream, whipped cream & sponge cake topped with a few chunky pieces of cut pink peaches. Food ordered was delivered very efficiently via the express conveyor belt.
Hai Seng WooHai Seng Woo
03:11 05 Sep 23
John ChongJohn Chong
16:39 25 Jul 23
A great place for conveyor belt sushi.Wide selection of sushi options.Fast delivery response time.I like all their different salmon options, as well aa their grilled pork and beef sushi.Also a favourite as side snacks are their cuttlefish and prawn tempura.Their Ramen options are also value for money.All in all, a great sushi place to bring your kids and family.
Stephanie DongStephanie Dong
07:59 25 Jul 23
The food is great, service is good and they will disinfect the tables before the next customer uses the space. The wet tissue and water is FOC. This is a good place for people who also enjoy eating alone. U don't really feel awkward when eating alone as there are many others who does it too.
linh nglinh ng
06:30 17 Jul 23
Pretty great variety of foods to choose compared to sushi express. Good service. But quite expensive.
Tessa TanTessa Tan
12:38 14 May 23
one of my favourite go-to places for good sushi
Supreet KiniSupreet Kini
17:01 12 Apr 23
Nice conveyer belt sushi experience. Also, quite economical if you are having sushi cravings.My only complaint is the the rice doesn’t hold up very well and disintegrated quite easily.Some of the stars of the evening were shrimp topped with spicy mayo, mentai salmon and the cheesecake.

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Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore Japanese culinary traditions, Sushiro Bedok Mall invites you to embark on an unforgettable sushi journey in Singapore. Discover the artistry, freshness, and innovation that define Sushiro. visit our Bedok Mall outlet today and let your taste buds revel in the joy of Japanese cuisine. We eagerly await the opportunity to serve you and share the wonders of our culinary world right here in the heart of Singapore.